Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Closing Out 2014...

Well I got myself into a bit of trouble and have not had ANY computer time!!!!  I have never had this kind of restriction and will work VERY hard to never have it again.  Dang it's hard to stay offline..  Just sitting and looking at my laptop and iPad is a special kind of torture that is just horrible.  Alex is letting me come online to say a very quick ....


If I can keep myself out of trouble, then I will be back first thing in January to catch everyone up on the holiday madness.

Quick baby update....

Our first little addition has learned to roll, so he rolls all over the place... No crawling, just lots of rolling going on.  What is the best is when he gets his deep tummy giggles going while he is rolling around across the floor.  He is just a joy!

Our second and third additions are still in the oven cooking, but got a bit feisty and landed Mom on bed rest for the holidays... Sigh.  So we will now have two Mommies stuck on couches during our Christmas celebration.  The twins are technically due on January 10th, but we all think they will make an appearance in 2014.

Lori is doing great and just finished all the new Christmas stockings she started months ago.  Our Moms took over Thanksgiving and have pretty much told us to stand back and let them run Christmas... So we are letting them take it and run!

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and healthy and happy new year!!!

Monday, December 1, 2014

I stole a Meme.... :0) Shhhh.. Don't tell on me!

I, Irish Lucky did steal the below meme... 

I thank Leigh Smith for "borrowing" it so that I might come along and steal it away for my own purposes... (insert sinister laugh here) I am NOT giving it back, it's too fun... Thus the steal and not borrow!  HA!  :0)

Seriously, thanks to whom ever started this fun meme...  
  1. What is my favorite kind of pie?  Pumpkin... Hands down, pumpkin!  
  2. Who’s my favorite band/singer?  I really like music, every single day I have music playing and it's not just one type... I don't know that I have a all out favorite go to band or singer.  
  3. Favorite Fruit?  Banana
  4. Favorite Sport?  Football
  5. Favorite color?  Blue
  6. Favorite accessories?  I am going with rings... I don't wear accessories overly much, but Alex prefers my wedding ring to stay on 24/7.
  7. Do you collect anything?  Anything that has dolphins involved...
  8. Do you read?  Every single day!!
  9. Are you sad about Michael Jackson’s death?  Yes, I enjoyed his music as a child.  
  10. Can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?  Nope!!!
  11. Have you ever broken a bone…how many?  One, my pinky toe on my left foot...Twice!!  I had a water bed growing up that was all wood and had drawers under it that if I didn't watch would catch the edge of when trying to make the bed.  Ugh.  
  12. Do you text people often?  Nope, I don't text often at all.
  13. Have you ever gone to a concert?  Yes, lots of concerts through the years.  My favorite was Billy Joel.
  14. Are you a runner?  Only if being chased... 
  15. Would you ever get a tattoo?  I did have my eyeliner done and WOW that just HURT!!! So that is the extent of tattoos for me.  :0)
  16. What is the song that describes your life most?  “Blessed” by Martina McBride
  17. Have you ever been heartbroken?  Yes...
  18. What do you wish to accomplish before you die? I have a bucket list!! 
  19. Are you afraid of death? Nope,  everyone has to do it and I know exactly where I am going and have family and friends waiting for me! :0) 
  20. Are you  having a good year?  2014 has been a crazy year two funerals, weddings and baby showers...  New baby and many more on the way! Crazy, but it's been very good! 
  21. Do you forget things easily?  Um, huh?  Yes, I tend to tell my kids when I enter a room why I am there and what I am trying to do so that when I forget why I am there they can tell me later.  :0)
  22. Are you overly truthful?  I try to be... I hate being lied to so I try not to out right lie to anyone... But the truth can be painful, so maybe I try to soften things a bit some times to save the hurt.  :0)  (Yes, most often that hurt would be on my bottom but let's not go there!)
  23. Do you like the heat?  I rather be hot than cold, so maybe I guess. 
  24. Have you ever met a celebrity? Sure have... They all seem shorter in person!  :0)
I know a few of you are waiting oh so patiently to hear what I did to poor Alex's cake and the pesky garage door... I promise to post it all out soon.  Sigh.    I did take a picture of the poor cake and if Alex gives me the green light will include it on the post.. Pictures are worth a thousand words after all and this poor thing deserves its say.  

I am going to be making LOTS of twinkies for the next few months.  :0)