Friday, September 26, 2014

Shift Of Control

Alex: "What we have here is a failure to communicate.... "

Me: "But honey, that is all we do around here is COMMUNICATE!!!   Seriously, I am the female in this relationship and I am saying we do nothing but communicate about everything... "  (this may or may not have been said in a really whiney voice with my lower lip hanging out very delicate and sad like...)

But not sad enough, because about two minutes later I was up close and personal with the comforter on our bed and wondering when I should change it out for the winter comforter.  Well until his hand landed on my bare bottom, then I didn't really care what comforter was on the stupid bed anymore.  Grrrrrrr...

How this mess got started:

Alex was very clear in letting me know he enjoyed Tuesday night and loved that I went through all the planning and setting up of the entire event for us.  He even commended me on my HOH look to get him back on the air mattress, he was super impressed.  (Me too, didn't know I had any HOH looks in my stock pile.. I think it was my best Mom look that got him moving more than anything close to an HOH look.)  But he also was very clear before we (he, I swear this doesn't ring any bells but he promises he said the power shift was done.) fell a sleep in the early hours of Wednesday morning that the control was now back in his court.  I think maybe I mumbled a confirmation or moaned, I was just REALLY tired and drank like three glass of wine... What ever the response was not good enough or didn't leave him feeling convinced.  This is a piece of information that I wish that I knew prior to waking up on Wednesday and bouncing around the kitchen like the ruler of the universe with a spatula to back me up.  Yes, I even gave is bottom a tap or ..... two.. or three..  Oh fine, I tapped him enough to get the raised eyebrow of doom if I didn't stop.  Grrrrr.. He was just grumpy from lack of sleep!  :0)

Off to work he went and down the street I went to help Lori for the day, she is super sick right now.  She is not doing morning sickness but more like all times of day sickness.  Poor thing is just really not having a good time with this pregnancy at all.  She called the doctor again this morning to let them know just how sick she is, but they aren't concerned yet at this point.  So she is to take it easy and keep hydrated by sipping little bits of water all day long. Well let's just say some people don't make a habit of sipping anything EVER (She is just horrible at staying hydrated when not pregnant) so she needs reminders.  Jay decided a human reminder would do his nerves better and he has missed enough work to be really backed up so down the street I went.  I spent Wednesday cleaning, making sure she sips water and talking baby names.  Lori is convinced it's a little girl, but with the ratio of boys in the family oven now... I told her it may be wise to just keep a few boy names in the hopper too.  

It was going on 7pm when I finally got them settled and came back home to "switch" with Kaylee.  She is helping Lori and Jay out so much with the little ones at night we are letting her stay down there until Lori is better.  After I watched her walk down the street I went straight up to take a long bubble bath and relax.  I had just gotten into my "happy" place when Alex came in wanting to know where in the world was dinner... So after explaining to him that I didn't realize the day had gone so quickly and so didn't call down and ask Kaylee to start anything, well he was either going to have to wait for me to be done with my bath or he was on his own for dinner.  (Looking back on this particular conversation I can see where he felt I was blowing him off.  I was tired and honestly didn't mean to forget his dinner.)

So at this point he hadn't liked my response the night before about the temporary power shift coming to an end.  He was not happy with my morning attitude or actions and now he had come home to no dinner and a wife that told him to either wait or go away.  I can see why he was upset, but can you also see that I had no idea what was building up at this point?  I mean my HOH warning signs were NOT coming through at all.  NOTHING!!

He got up without a word and went down and made us both a spinach salad and brought a tray up so we could eat in our room together.  I was shocked when I came out of the bathroom and saw what he had done.  He patted the bed and said to come eat and we could catch the Big Brother finale together. (I am a sucker for the Big Brother show, it comes on every summer and I watch them all... I even got my parents and most of Alex's family watching it now!  We are constantly talking about who is on the block and going to get evicted next, so Alex finally gave up and started watching it with me. ) We turned it on only to find out it didn't start for another 30 minutes so we muted the television and I asked about his day.  He told me about a few meetings that went really well and a new hire that wasn't working out, so he wasn't looking forward to letting them go.  I told him about Lori being really sick and not keeping anything down and that she actually looks green some times.  He asked me if I was worried, but we both agreed she has a great doctor and each pregnancy is different.  Then we watched the finale of Big Brother and my guy that I had been rooting for all session won!  Yahoo! I did a little happy dance and took our plates down and cleaned up the kitchen before heading back up for the night.

When I got into our room everything was cleaned up for the night and the bed was turned down, but Alex wasn't in the bedroom.  I called out to him and heard his voice from the bathroom that he would be out in a minute and to please sit on the end of the bed and wait for him.  Now that had me wondering what was up, why was I not just sliding into bed and waiting there?  So I plopped myself on the end of the bed and let out a slightly dramatic sigh before flinging my body back and laying down.  (No, for the record that was not sitting respectfully at the end of the bed and waiting for my husband.. I know!! But I didn't know that I was already working on trouble, I was still basically completely clueless.  I really pride myself on knowing Alex and being able to tell when I have started to push buttons that shouldn't be pushed...all at the same time or close together.  :0)  You ladies know what I am saying here.)

Well I did hear him come down the hall, but again didn't know that moving to a sitting position would be REALLY good right about then.  So it took me by surprise when I was lifted and turned right over his lap with a rush of cold air swooshing onto my bottom as he pulled away all the barriers.  Now I am on my game at this point as this position is all too familiar and so now I am anticipating a stinging hand at any moment to land on my bared bottom... Only that doesn't happen.  What does happen is I feel him opening my cheeks and smear something wet, cold and goodness this is NOT good on my backdoor.  I am very much a firm believer that the backdoor was meant for out going things and NEVER meant for ingoing objects, items or heck just anything EVER!  Exit only would be the sign I would post back there...if well signs were posted back there. :0)  

Alex was using vaseline on my bottom and the thermometer he was then going to stick in said EXIT, to ease the way.  When I squirmed to try and see what he was up to I was given a really hard swat and told not to move and submit or this was not going to end well for me.  I was really thrown at this point, why was he doing this??  You would think that would have just been the perfect thing for me to ask right about then... Oh man, I wish that is what I had said at that point!  Really if anyone has a time machine on loan that I could borrow, I would go back and just ask the why question....  Instead I very calmly informed him that if he stuck that thermometer where I think he was going to it wasn't going to end well for him either.   I did the best twist and roll of my life and when my foot hit floor I bolted as fast as I could... He is big and fast so I didn't make it but a few steps and he had me up against him with his arm around my waist holding me to him.  You would think I would have found some sanity by this point, but sadly I had not...

Me: "I hope you are wearing a good amount of vaseline after all this."

Alex:"Oh little one I wouldn't be worried about me right now.  I suggest you calm down and decide if you are going to submit with or without my help. This is going to happen, but it doesn't have to be a huge deal. "

Me: "This from a man that couldn't even stay on a air mattress for two seconds last night!"

Alex: " I think you said it yourself that submitting can be tricky right?"

Me: "Let me go and explain why you feel it necessary to shove that thing up my butt and call it a test of submission!"

That got his attention, as I might have (oh heck I did!) stomped on his foot while delivering the let me go part.  But he did let me go and he sat on the bed and I backed up to the wall putting a bit of distance between us.

Which then brings us to the start of this post....  What a mess!

I deserved the spanking for disrespect and well stomping on his foot wasn't very nice either.  Sigh.  The rest we both decided that even if it seems like we are constantly communicating, it doesn't cover all the bases if you aren't doing the right kind of communicating.  Alex should have been more direct with me and I should have paid attention or at least been respectful enough to ask the right questions to defuse the situation.  I didn't realize my seduction was going to throw the balance of power off either, but seriously he is and always has been the leader in or relationship so I never thought to try and switch it at all.  Alex needed to know I was switched back and had zero ideas about things changing and we just skipped over all those things and ended up in a mess.  We did talk it all out and he was sweet enough not to use the thermometer, but said it was in the bathroom if ever needed.   Alex took me to bed after it was all talked out and he took me very slowly and very throughly to a very HAPPY place together.

He also mentioned a shopping trip this weekend to get some much needed supplies.. He gave me a wink at the end of that statement, which can only mean that I won't have to search for socks the next time I want to tie him up!!  Or wait... Maybe he will be putting the knots in this time.  Gulp!  :0)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Seducing Alex...

I consider Alex and I to have had a pretty active and healthy sex life.  We have set times over the years to close our door and have alone time and we have also had those moments of insanity where you squeeze in those few minutes and hope not to get caught.   We actually believe Kaylee to be the result of one of our crazier moments of "not" getting caught.   :0)

Alex probably has initiated more in our marriage, but I am not too far behind in the stats if you will..  We are both healthy in that aspect, we need our time together or we tend to get grumpy about it or lack of "it".  Funny enough during the baby shower we got into a conversation about who in the various relationships initiates sex more.  (Obviously in our family we don't have a lack of initiation or healthy sexual relationships, the pure size of our family alone shows that... But it's just still really funny we end up talking about who the initiators are in each family while at a baby shower of all places!!!)  It was a clear cut win in most cases, with the men driving that particular activity.  I had to admit, it is usually Alex that initiates it with us too.  That really became a bee in my bonnet for some reason and I have been letting it buzz pretty loud this last week in my head...  I love being the center of Alex's universe and when we are together alone he makes it very clear that his entire focus is on me.  So why in the world would I not initiate that more often???  Hmmmmm...  Can you feel a plan of action coming?  Well yes, I did too!!   :0)

Thus came the plan to bed my husband!   Not just to bed him.. but to just make it very clear that I was not only initiating but "taking" him.  Because honestly, I can't come up with one time in our 18 plus years together where I can say that I started, controlled and basically took my husband.

I was a women on a mission!

Tuesday Night:

I had Kaylee spend the night down the street to "help" Lori out since she is not feeling so great right now.  Our son works late on Tuesday and Thursday, so it was the perfect night to seduce Alex without having to worry about young ears.  Now I can have some with my man in ANY room of the house we ... NO... I decide on.   I got his favorite pasta going, garlic bread and one of our best wines open and breathing.   Pandora was playing some low R&B tunes through the house and strategically placed candles lit most of the rooms that were going to be part of my plan for the evening.  I went to the mall on Monday (Yes, this lady is driving once again!! Whoot, whoot!! )  and found a new night gown that is mostly lace and covers very little.  The robe that goes over it doesn't do much to cover anything either so the combination was perfect!  :0)

Alex walked in the door just a little after 6pm to a half dressed wife, his favorite meal and a love letter on the counter that told him he had to promise to turn himself over 100% to the crazy lady holding the bottle of wine or it was a no go... He asked if he needed to sign anything or if his word was good enough?  I thought his word was good and told him he had 15 minutes to get cleaned up and back downstairs.   The man all but ran for those stairs and jumped up half of them, I couldn't stop laughing.  He was showered, shaved and back at the dinner table in record time and a sparkle in his eyes that hasn't been there in a long time.  I miss his playful sparkle and it made me sad that I hadn't noticed its absence until just then.  I need to keep a better eye on Alex, he has had a great deal of loss this year and lots of change.  It's very obvious that I have more than enough mischievous sparkle for us both, I can definitely share with my husband when he is running low.  :0)

What he didn't understand is why the dinner table wasn't set... So after I poured him a glass of wine, I slowly explained that dishes were not going to be needed... His body was going to do just fine for what we needed.  That got a choked gasp and a spray of wine in my direction, but lucky me and my lace were already a dark shade of red so nothing soiled or damaged.  I took his hand and pulled him into the living room where I had the fire place going (just the flames, no heat...sigh) and our blow up air mattress that usually lives in our RV blown up and covered with fluffy towels.  I told him to sip a bit more wine and get comfortable and I would be right back, but that I wanted him laying on his back in the middle of the air mattress upon my return.  (Simple instructions right?  Yeah, he is really alpha.... Grrrrr)  I came back to him basically circling the air mattress and eyeing it like it was going to get up and attack him at any minute.  I seriously had to stand in the door way and laugh at the man before coming in and talking him into laying down.   I did my best not to all out laugh at him, but did remove my robe and wiggle my hips just a bit more than needed while getting him settled.  That seemed to do the trick..  :0)   I told him not to move and that I was going to go get us dinner and would be right back.  I was maybe gone five minutes and the man was up and moving around like a caged animal, seriously!!!  But when he saw my face he ran back to the mattress and got himself back into the position I had left him earlier.  "Submission is tricky isn't it my dear?"   Yes, I had to say something... I mean it was the perfect time to put a bee in his bonnet right?  (Yeah, I will post the outcome of that statement soon.. No more bees in this house or any heads anytime soon and who wears bonnets anymore anyway for that matter!!! Sigh...)

I had him sit up and remove his shirt and then thought better of it and had him remove all his clothes. Why risk the stains?  :0)   Yeah, that is my story and I am sticking to it!   I know that Alex had given his word, but after his caged animal response to the mattress came to light I had a bright idea pop into my head... If you want him 100% at your mercy, the man has to be restrained or he will spend the entire time trying to submit and miss the seduction part of this evening.  So off I went in search of something soft to tie my man up with.  Wow, we really need to shop for materials... If I had any robbers or need to tie some one up, this house is just not equipped for that type of activity.   We just aren't kinky enough.... Oh but I have a strong feeling that will not be the case any longer!   I came back with the tie from his robe, Kyle's robe and some of his work socks.   I know right!!!  Totally need to go shopping...  Anyway, now I was determined to tie my man down so I didn't have to worry about alpha hands and tendencies.  So I attempted to move our heavy but very pretty and decorative iron coffee table over but couldn't so Alex had to get up and move it and then lay back down.  Talk about taking some of my thunder away..  So once that was done it took me what seemed like forever to tie him up to the point I felt like he wasn't going to get away or be able to move.  Then of course I had to keep checking that I didn't tie anything too tight and he wasn't turning blue or anything.  Whew, this being kinky and in control is hard work!!!   I am telling you my nerves were all but shot by the time he was tied up and I had also managed to polish off my second glass of wine.  (I drank my courage glass before he got home!)   So I fill back up my glass and sit down to decide what part of Alex I was going to be eating my pasta from.  I put a bit on his chest and moved it around with my teeth and tongue, making sure that the heat was felt on his nipples and most sensitive areas.    There wasn't a part of him from his neck down to his lovely man parts that wasn't stained orange by the time I was done.  I did give him bites between my playing and nibbles.  I even drank wine from his belly button at one point.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Then it was time for dessert... Or in this case pineapple sliced into rings that went around a certain part of Alex that was at full attention.  :0)  Once I ate my dessert and cleaned up Alex it was just a matter of lowering myself onto him and setting my own pace.  It was the first time in our relationship that I had complete control over how we made love and setting the pace for both of us to find release. I blew cherries on his stomach, pulled and pinched his nipples and just had the time of my life!  Alex was very graceful and pretty much put up with it all, as at the end he just pulled hard enough and off came all my knots.  (I am going to find me a really good boy scout and hold them hostage until they teach me how to tie a knot that Alex can't get out of... That just sounds wrong doesn't it?  :0))  He did a great job submitting for me and letting me have my night of seduction and kink.  We took a shower together and then tumbled into bed for yet one more round.  Wow, Tuesday night and early wednesday morning was WONDERFUL!!!  

Stay tuned and I will post about last night.... Alex decided he was taking control back!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Madness

With the size of this family it doesn't really amaze me that we find ourselves in this situation, but wow the baby madness has hit this family for sure!

Kenzie is due technically on the 25th of this month, but she is huge (sorry she really is..) and her tummy dropped big time last week.  We had her baby shower this last weekend and it was a huge success and they have everything they now need to welcome their new little boy...   They won't tell us the name, so that is driving us all a bit crazy.  :0)  We are taking baby bets on when the little guy will decide to join us, my bet is Monday the 22nd.   Alex lost as his was yesterday and I think he was trying to cheat because I heard him on the phone talking about driving on bumpy streets and dirt roads to get things moving.. Yeah cheater, cheater pumpkin eater!!!

Laci, our second bride of the year (or actually first since she got married first but wasn't suppose to.. oh  the drama of it all. See, still haven't gotten fully over all that yet.) is due on January 3rd.  But we just found out that she is cooking two in the oven and they don't usually go full term.  So the bets have already started on a set of Christmas babies.  She is also shopping for blue, as they are both boys.  Her baby shower is going to be right before Thanksgiving, as we will have more family in town at that time.

During the baby shower we had two more announcements... Stacey and Amy are both pregnant and so we will be adding more babies come February and March!  Big cheers went up and more baby madness was created and celebrated.  We will have a bunch of cousins all the same age to play and reek havoc during family holidays.  So fun to watch all these families start and grow over the years.

Now the surprise baby announcement that NONE of us saw coming, including the parents...  Lori and Jay are going to have another baby!  They just sent their oldest off to college and that was just REALLY hard for all of them and now this... Wow!!  Lori has been feeling really off lately but had chalked it up to missing her oldest and trying to get back into the swing of teaching school after having the summer off.  She finally went to the doctor on Monday and she and Jay came down last night and told us the happy news.  They are really struggling with this, as they really were not thinking of having more, as six was a handful to begin with... Plus Lori went back to teaching now that all their little ones were pre-school/school age, so she can help contribute to the bills.  So when they came over we knew right away something was up and Alex being ....well Alex, went straight first in to find out what was going on.   Once we got them sitting and offered to get some wine and Lori's eyes got the size of saucers I sort of just clued right in and sat right done next to her and whispered... Really?

Alex: "What really?"

Jay: "Seriously?  How can you two do that?"

Alex: "Do what?  Will some one tell me what is going on?"

Lori: " I am due February 5th, I was pregnant before Stacey and Amy both and had no clue.  Or maybe was that much in denial, I mean six babies and now a seventh."

Alex: "Are you sure?"

Yes, he was a bit slow on this one but seriously this was a HUGE surprise for everyone.  Lori and I even thought she might be starting menopause earlier this year.  She was not regular anymore and was having hot flashes, of course this was during the double marriages and funerals and lots of emotions were high... She was meaning to get to the doctor to have some blood work done to check and see if she was starting the big "M", but just never had the time.

Me: "See, I thought we were too young to start menopause."

Jay and Alex did a stereo "WHAT?" to that statement.   Ooops.  Did we forget to mention that Lori hadn't been feeling so well and we concluded maybe we were getting close to that age of ....  MENOPAUSE!

Lori:"Wow, I really wish I could have a glass of wine right about now."

Jay:"You didn't tell me you thought you were going into menopause."

Lori:"I wasn't sure and we had lots of stuff going on all year that it could have been anything that was making me feel off."

Jay:"You have to tell me when you don't feel right, no matter what you might think is happening.  I can't help or even know to watch for signs you need help if you don't talk to me and let me know what you are feeling. When exactly did you two decide that it was menopause making you feel off?"

I think we both gulped together at that point and boy howdy I have seen that look on Jay's face before and was SUPER happy it wasn't me that had to answer that particular question.  Lori told him in a whisper it was around April or May and Jay decided they would finish this conversation later at home.

Me:"Dang, you will need baby monitors again."

Lori:"Can you hear me now?" (She barely had that out and was laughing and so were the men.)

Me:"Oh shut up!" (Yeah, I had a laugh too..)

<Sorry, you would have had to read an older post to understand that exchange.. Needless to say baby monitors have gotten us into trouble with our men in the past.>

We talked about all her worries and I think she left here feeling much better about things.  I am super excited for them and super excited for me... I get to watch the new baby after Lori delivers and goes back to work!! Yahoo... I am super excited to spend so much time with this new little one and it was Alex's idea!  :0)   I am turning the guest bedroom into a nursery/guest bedroom combo!  Alex is already setting limits to my creativity, but it is going to be AMAZING.   We won't know for a few more weeks what she is having, but the consensus down the street is they want another girl.  So we will wait and see...

I just know that all these little ones are coming into GREAT families and are going to be surrounded by love.  Oh and I need to start planning, cause Lori is going to have the BEST baby shower ever!! I almost feel sorry for Alex already.  :0)

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drying Out..

So yesterday we had LOTS of wet around here!!  We started getting rain on Sunday evening or more closer to Monday morning between midnight and 1am.  It continued in a down pour for 5 hours straight and left us living in a lake.  Needless to say our desert landscaping is not done to help the flow of water... We just don't need that here!  :0)
Not our house, but one a few miles away actually..

They closed all the schools around here and most the roads were not visible, so Alex ended up turning around and coming right back home too.  So we had a family fun day!!  I made a big pot of chili and fresh bread (yes, not really cold enough but we turned the AC up a bit and went with it.) and we watched some movies.  Then the board games came out and we had a pretty competitive game of old school Monopoly that was super close, but Alex took the crown.  Oh that is important, so I must explain...  You see about ten years ago Alex dressed up as a king for Halloween and he found this really nice crown.  He didn't want to put it away after the holiday and so it became a trophy for our family game nights, so if you won that weekend you had the crown for the week.

Yes, our crown is this cheesy!!  :0)

Since the kids have gotten older we haven't had as many game nights in the past year or so... Well the crown was brought out and we had a major battle!  Over the years our board game collection has grown pretty large, so we had a few rounds of rock, paper and scissors to decide what would be played.

Alex and I retired up to our room around 6pm to watch Monday night football, he actually joined a Fantasy football league this year!!  (Was maybe hoping for a repeat of last year's Fantasy Football spanking...) So we both had our iPads, munchies and drink of choice lined up and got ready for the fun to begin...  Only we sort of got side tracked a bit!

I spilled my vitamin water on myself and it's the Dragon Fruit flavor so it's bright red, not good for a white (I know after Labor day, but I was at home no body saw!!) jump suit.  So I took it off and was rinsing it in the bath when Alex decided to help... Well we ended up in the tub and our bathroom floor looked like our yard by the time we were done sloshing around.  Wink!

No FF spanking, but I still have a very LONG season of football to get another one!  HA!  We both did well in our leagues, but we didn't really watch very much football.. Guess we should try harder on Thursday.  :0)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Questions Answered...

Here is a truth and dare game Han van Meergen had on his site and then Leigh posted on Aimless Ramblings were I "borrowed" it.  Looked fun for a Friday post!!

1.Kissed a girl? 

Nope, not in the way I think this question is asking.  :0)

2.Kissed a boy? 

3.Had sex in public?
Yes, but no body could see anything and they didn't know what was going on.  
Very stealth.

4.What’s your religion? 

5.What does your URL mean? 
Loving Me Always... My hubby loves me always, even when I make his life 
difficult or keep him on his toes!! HA!  :0)

6.Reason you joined blogland? 
I found reading blogs so much fun and then lost my outlet for releasing 
pent up frustration so decided to blog as my new outlet.  I still miss kick 
boxing, but this blog has been such a wonderful experience that I am super 
happy to have it.

7.Do you have any nicknames?  
Yes!  Glad the next question wasn't asking for any of them..  :0)

8.Do you like bubble bath?  
I take my bubble bath time VERY seriously and guard it with everything I have.  
So that it a long winded YES!  

9.Kissed in the rain?  

10.Dyed your hair? 
Several times

11.Soup or salad?  
I am more of a salad person..

12.Vegetable or meat?  
Veggies please!  :0)

13.Go out drinking? 
Hmmmm.. Wow, I really can't remember the last time we went out 
for a Happy Hour.  I guess we are home bodies with our own stash of 
wine to enjoy.

14.Smoke cigarettes? 

15.Smoke weed? 
Nope.  But I do eat edibles for pain management for my back issues.  
We have learned a BUNCH about the uses of medical marijuana in the 
last year.  It's just amazing what this stuff can do to help in so many ways!  
We have a friend that gives CBD oil to their dog who was full of cancerous 
tumors and they are actually shrinking... So amazing.

16.Do any hard drugs?  

17.Have you had sex today? 
Dang it.. No!  I will have to do something about that when Alex gets home 

18.Have you ever fallen asleep in someones arms?  
Sure have.. I actually do it all the time.

19.The relationship between you and the person you last texted? 
My Mom..  :0)

20.Has anyone ever told you you have pretty eyes? 
Yes.  I have really super blue eyes, so I have people asking me if I wear 
colored contacts to make them this blue.. Nope, just the bonus of being part Irish.

21.Religious OR non-religious?  

22.Tried to commit suicide? 

23.The last time you felt broken?
I had a miscarriage before Kyle was born, that was really hard and as 
close to broken as I have ever gotten. 

24.Had to lie to EVERYONE about how you felt? 
Yes!!!  But I think it is to due with the size of Alex's family.  To keep 
the peace we must cover some of the "YOU ARE DRIVING ME INSANE" 

25.Do you have a Boyfriend/Girlfriend? 
Nope, just my hubby bless his heart.  :0)

26.Do you have Long hair OR short hair? 
Ugh.. Long!  Would love to try short or even medium length, but Alex 
loves it long..

27.First thing you notice to a guy? 
Eyes or smile...

28.Do you sing in the shower?  
Heck yeah!!  

29.Do you dance in the car? 
Yes, I am probably very entertaining to the cars around me.  :0)

30.Where were you yesterday? 
At home... Still can't drive!  Sigh.

31.Ever used a bow and arrow? 
Yes, but I absolutely had to be doing it wrong because it killed my 
left fore arm.  Literally the bow snapped back and hit me hard enough 
to leave a welt that turned really pretty colors.  

32.Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer? 
Oh my goodness let me think... The weddings, so early spring.

33.Do you think musicals are cheesy? 
No way, love musicals!

34.Is Christmas stressful? 
It can be..

35.Favorite type of fruit pie? 
Ick.. Sorry, none.  

36.Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid? 
School teacher or nurse..

37.Do you believe in ghosts? 
I do believe in spirits and that the veil between us (spiritual world 
and human world) is getting thinner.  But again, I am a christian and use
the bible as reference on these things. 

38.Ever have a Deja-vu feeling?  
Oh my goodness yes... 

39.Take a vitamin daily?  

40.Wear slippers? 
Yes, now that we live out in the desert and have scorpions and combat 
boot wearing spiders!  

41.Wear a bath robe? 
Um.. No, but I do own one.  :0)

42.What do you wear to bed? 
As little as possible. 

43.Do you want to get married? 
I am married.

44.Can you curl your tongue? 

Relationship preference:
45.How many relationships have you had? 
I had a few check yes or no relationships growing up, but I married my 
first real boyfriend.  :0)

46.How can I win your heart? 
It's been won.

47.What makes a great relationship?  
Love, Patience, kindness (even when you don't feel like being kind), trust, 
faithfulness and communication.

48.Shy OR open? 
I can be either, just depends on the situation or my surroundings.  

Have a great weekend!!!  :0)