Thursday, October 31, 2013

How We Got Together & Started DD - Part 4

Thanks for all the wonderful support on these posts sharing the beginning of our story!  Alex and I have had a blast with these, me writing and him telling me everything I left out (maybe some of my more colorful moments) or that he is not as romantic as I am making him sound.  To that I say BLAH.. ARE TOO, ARE TOO! :0)

In order to deliver on my word of 4 parts, this post is super long.. My apologies, grab a drink and get comfy. 

I should start with a incident that occurred over Spring Break, as that actually was a factor in us ending up in a ditch... I guess.  :0)

I am convinced that every neighborhood has that one person/couple that deems themselves the cop or watch guard of the ENTIRE neighborhood.  They start of course with anything concerning THEIR yard first and then branch out to "What is best" for the neighborhood in general.  (Yeah, you all know who I am talking about!)

Mrs. Seeders lived in the corner house on the end of my street right where the bus stops for all the schools, elementary through high school.  That was also the only corner that had a stop sign in the entire neighborhood.  There was a lot of speculation among the youth in the neighborhood and even a few adults that she had the sign put in and not the county. We just had very little traffic and the traffic that did pass through were parents or knew that we had lots of children on bikes and in yards so they went really slow. Mrs. Seeders would decorate this stop sign for every season and make a big production while doing it too! (Who does that???)

She would sit out on her front porch with her lemonade and notebook and just wait for something to report. If any children even got close to stepping off the sidewalk into her front yard, it was IN the book.  By the end of the week she would tally her notes and start the phone calls so that each parent had a good account of their children and probably an ear full about some others. I swear that if the phone rang on a Sunday night people in the neighborhood cringed in fear.  I think she had called my parents at least twice to inform them my brother should sign up for NASCAR as he surely didn't know how do drive anyway but fast down our street.

Lori and I had wanted to make some money so we offered to watch a few kids during Spring Break while their parents were at work. We had about 8 or 9 kids, which wasn't too bad and for the most part it was an easy week. There was a bit of bribery, as we had promised the kids if they were good all week on Friday we would walk them down to the store and buy them some candy.  Everything was fine until our return trip and kids juiced up on sugar decided to cut across Mrs. Seeders yard. Now to be fair some of these kids were from other neighborhoods so they didn't know and we had neglected to tell them about this fun lady. So when she came running outside screaming about respecting property and crying her flowers would never recover.... Well she scared two of the little girls into tears and I lost it.  I ran over and picked the youngest one up (right through her yard and flowers) and turned on her.. "Your flowers are not in any danger and these two don't know the pleasure you bring to this neighborhood and how to avoid it.  They were being kids and running, they didn't mean any disrespect... Good day!"  I turned and grabbed the hand of the other girl and once Lori saw me in motion she gathered the rest and on we marched.  We made it almost half way down the street before we all started laughing hysterically.  Which I am sure just fueled the situation even further, but we were teenagers mind you and that lady would drive a saint crazy.

Mrs. Seeders didn't wait until Sunday night to call, she actually got dressed in her best and invaded us during dinner.  I knew the second I saw her at the door what was coming and just wanted to slide under the table and disappear. Had I been smart, I would have told my parents what happen and to avoid the phone on Sunday night at all costs. But I hadn't think she would march herself down the road for a direct report of what happen earlier. Well after it was all said and done, I was told to apologize and put on restriction of one week. Both my parents were sure that Mrs. Seeders had over reacted but that my response to her overreaction could have been better and more respectful.  Grrrrrrrr and double grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Skip forward two months..

A few of us were together trying to figure out the ultimate senior prank, as we wanted to go out with a bang. Not sure I have mentioned this or not, but Lori and Jay.. Water and oil, they didn't get along at ALL!!  Having any kind of normal conversation with these to involved was a major challenge and this time wasn't any different.  I don't remember now how they got around to the day of my encounter with Mrs. Seeders but they did and I guess maybe I had forgotten to tell Jay what had gone down.  He was NOT happy, but I was able to get him back to senior pranks.  I just knew in the back of my mind that this wouldn't be the end of it... Oh how right I was.  Sigh.   The guys wanted to flood the court yard and show up in bathing suits with rafts.  But the girls thought maybe we could one up that so we decided to do our own thing.  So we split and Lori and I brainstormed for days... Until one afternoon she went with me to feed Max, he was the laziest bull dog I have ever met.  I would dog sit for him when his family went on trips and they paid me to come "play" with him for thirty minutes a day.  Lori and I were sitting on the back swing while Max ate and brilliance struck...

Lori: "You know Max looks just like Buddy."

Me: "Buddy, as in the school mascot and principal's dog Buddy?"

Lori: "Yeah, like the one no one has ever been able to steal as a prank."

Me: "Oh girl... We are going to go down in history for this!"

So our plan was to take Max around town and take pictures and then post them up all over the school.. Buddy's senior prank field trip would be our theme and just let them try to top that!  Three days later we borrowed Jay's truck and went to get Max.  It only just occurred to us when we picked him up that Buddy might have been just a bit darker. So in yet another moment of brilliance, I went and got into my father's shoe polish and we added a bit of brown to Max.  We got in the truck and were on our way only to find out why the family didn't travel with Max along.  He hated being on the road, he was all over the place and Lori was having a hard time keeping hold of him.  I managed to drive one block down and over and then Max got loose and he knocked the stick shift and I freaked and started to swerve just when another truck was coming out of the other cross street.  Now this wouldn't have been a problem a few hours earlier, as the other truck would have had a stop sign. The one and only stop sign that Mrs. Seeders dearly loved.... WAS GONE!  Well Lori and I ended up in the ditch and the other truck... Of all the luck, was Alex and Jay. So one minute I was doing the girl freak scream and the next I was being pulled out of the truck into Alex's arms. I don't know who was shaking more at that point, but Max decided to do a duty on the floor to show he was right there with us.

Alex took Max out and put him in his truck and came back and marched me to the back of his truck only to notice he was covered in brown.  I could tell from the look on his face he thought the dog had done an extra duty on him so I quickly told him not to worry it was shoe polish not pooh.  Not sure that really helped at the moment, as his face seemed to get even redder and wow... I think this was the first time I ever saw his eyebrow go so high into his hair line. (I really know that look now, but then this was new to me.)

Alex: "I suggest you start telling me why you were all over the road and eventually ended up in that ditch!"

At that comment he swiveled around to Mrs. Seeders yard and scratched his head...

Alex: "Where is the stop sign?"

Then he turned back to me with hands on his hips and started to advance.  I started to back up and explain very quickly what had happen..

Me: "Well you see... Lori and I were going to pull the best senior prank ever... I mean EVER!  See Max looks like Buddy, only not brown enough so we put shoe polish on him and now he is super brown.  Then we borrowed Jay's truck to take Max around town and take picture of his senior field trip so we can put them around school and show everyone we did the ultimate prank.  Only Max doesn't travel well and Lori lost her grip... Maybe the shoe polish was a bad idea.  But it was all almost under control until you didn't stop and I saw a truck and swerved even more into the ditch."

At the look on his face clearly that last part wasn't said very well... He was still advancing and I had pretty much almost circled his truck at this point.

Me: "Oh nooooo.. I am not saying it was your fault, I mean the stop sign was clearly gone. So why stop right? And you obviously didn't know Max was going nuts or anything, I mean why would you?

At this point I looked over to Jay and Lori for moral support, as things were just not going very well for me. Only they were not interested in us at all, they were too busy making out at the front of Jay's truck!!!  Oh yeah, they are getting along GREAT now.  This also got Alex's attention so he became the alpha male and people started to scramble.  I was put into his truck and told not to move. He and Jay got Jay's truck out of the ditch and they exchanged a few words.  Lori was told she would be getting a ride home from Jay and I would talk with her later.  Alex and I took Max home, gave him a bath and some extra bones to keep him silent... (Yeah, like he was going to rat us out!)

Then Alex decided a walk up to the pond was in order and off we went, minus bread so I just knew this wasn't going to be as fun as our last pond experience.  When we got into the clearing, the stop sign in all its glory was there, with another sign posted below it...'Unless you have bread, then keep coming!'  I couldn't help it.. I had to laugh, it was super funny and I knew right away Jay was behind it all.  But that was just really not the right time to laugh. He grabbed my arm and marched me to the first log he found and over his knee I went...

Smack, smack, smack....

Alex:"Woman... You are going to give me gray hair. I told you if you ever put yourself in harms way again you would be over my knee. Well here we are and you will remember this for a long time coming. I don't even want to think of what could have happen to you. If I find out you had anything to do with that stop sign..."

This went on for a VERY long time.. I went from confusion to shock and straight forward to remorse and LOTS of tears by the time he was done. He held me and rocked me for a good thirty minutes before I could mumble around his chest..

Me:"You actually spanked me! That really hurt....(Hiccup) I didn't think you would."

Alex: "Oh didn't you little one?"

<Insert long dramatic sigh here.......>

Me:"Yeah, fine. I guess in the back of my head it was always a possibility you are just that alpha you might actually do it. Plus you usually do what you say you are going to do, you are stubborn that way."

Alex:"You really want to throw stones right now?"

Me:"Um... You are stubborn in a really HOT kinda way...."

We had a very long talk about his grandparents and their marriage and how he wanted to model our relationship after them. He would clearly be the head of our relationship and together we would work through anything as long as we had the trust in each other that each of us would do our part.  I knew his grandparents and it was very easy to see the love they had together and so I was sure that this was a good idea.  I also trusted Alex, because even though I was sitting on his lap with a very sore/hot bottom, I also felt loved and safe.  It was almost 4 years later that I finally told anyone what happen that day by the pond... My sister-in-law, Lori.

Jay and Lori married one year before us and have six children... Yes, six... Four girls (Jay so deserves that) and two boys.  Their oldest is graduating from high school this year, so I am now thinking Lori and I need to watch for any plans on a senior prank!

Friday, October 25, 2013

How We Got Together & Started DD - Part 3

Sit back and hold on to something, this post is going to cover a LOT of ground (6 months).  

One week before my senior year started, we were contacted by the school offering me the opportunity to attend high school in the morning and college in the afternoons.  Basically they started a new program with the community college down the street and those students that had only 3 credits left to earn to graduate and have a high GPA would be qualified.  So I would start college the following year as a sophomore instead of a freshman.  I wanted to do it the second I heard the offer, but my Dad was not going with it.. I knew Alex was graduating in December and he had made it pretty clear we were an item by this point.  A slow item, as he was dating me in group outings and he had only kissed me the one time... Grrrrr.  But I wanted to fast track my college education and not miss the Alex bus.  I love my Dad, but he is the old school, women should stay home and raise the kids kind of guy. Men go out and hunt and gather, they support the family..

(I kid you not, he said hunt and gather!!!)

My Mom and I rallied and won, but it took several weeks for my Dad to come around. So my senior year started out a bit bumpy. I think Alex ultimately brought my Dad around, he wasn't happy my senior year was going to be more hectic. But he knew it was what I wanted and so he was supportive. He was also of the thought that if I was busier, I would stay out of trouble.  Whatever!

Everyone in the program was assigned a buddy, so we could help each other and cover for each other if one of us was out sick or missed a class. My buddy was Lori, my polar opposite in just about every way possible.  Cheerleader, never seen in anything but a dress and perfect make up every day.. She ran school fundraisers, organized activities and dances.. I avoided them like the plague.  So we knew of each other, but didn't really know each other. So this experience threw us together and I think it shocked the both of us how well we got along.  She even talked me into attending the Homecoming dance in October and we doubled.

Alex invited my family to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family, so that was the first of many LARGE celebrations with his family.  My brother made it home and ate everything in sight... He was different and it took us a few days to find our rhythm but it was a great time and when he left again I felt much better. But he did bring home a huge bag of dirty clothes, so my Mom and I worked on that together.

Alex graduated from college and got offered a really good position in a large company.  He was going to be sent out of town for several weeks in January for orientation and training.  So I was happy for him, but had really mixed feelings about him being gone for so long.  Plus, I always had in the back of my mind he would go and fall head over heels for some classy business lady that was closer to his age. But he spent as much time with me over the holidays as he could and on New Years... I got my second kiss...and my third.. and my forth... Yes, it was a long night and the start of regular kisses!  FINALLY!

Alex was gone for three weeks..... He called me daily and sent me flowers often.  We would lay in bed on the phone together and listen to each other breath.. I fell asleep like that several times, drove my parents crazy. I think he spent most of his first paycheck paying for the phone bill.  :0)

Alex was back but we didn't have much time together right away, so he promised me a very special Valentines date. So in preparation of our date, I gave Lori her dream.. She got to make me over and help me find the perfect dress.. Our one battle was over heels, I didn't want to fall on my face on Valentines.  She spent the better part of a weekend helping me pull it all together and in the end I wore the heels.  Alex is 6'4 and I am only 5'7, so heels help bridge that gap a bit for us. Plus they do wonderful things for my legs and I was going for it with this outfit.  The look on Alex's face when I came down the stairs was priceless, my Mom got it on camera.. I have a copy in my scrap book, one of my favorite pictures ever.

Alex took me to a really nice Italian restaurant for dinner, that was an hour out of town.  We had a booth tucked back in a corner, with runny candles and everything. I was super impressed and in awe of it all, Alex even ordered for both of us. We had a great meal and shared a chocolate dessert and laughed over who got more.  After dinner Alex got me settled back in his car and said he knew of a park that had a pond with many hungry ducks and he whipped out a bag with several loaves of bread.  It was perfect... I had heels on. Sigh.  He said the ducks wouldn't mind if I went bare foot and neither would he for that matter so off we went. The path to the pond was a bit rough going so a quarter of the way Alex scooped me up and carried me, which had me thinking this night couldn't get any better.. I was wrong!

We came around a bend in the path and by the pond both our families were gathered and a big cheer went up as they saw us.  It took me a few minutes to understand what was happening, by then he had me on my feet and he was digging into his pocket and going down on one knee in front of me.  I cried through the entire proposal and I am certain he said really nice romantic things.. But I was just really a mess and could just shake my head yes and watch him slip the ring on my finger.  He gave me a heart shaped diamond, because I had taken his heart. (I still have my original diamond, but it comes out of the setting all the time. I think it is due to the shape, but I will never part with it!)

To be continued...(But a sneak peek)

A few months later... Jay's truck, a borrowed bull dog (maybe stolen, depends how you look at it) and a ditch would prove to be the perfect combination to land me over Alex's knee for the first time... He includes the stop sign thing too, but I think the first three were enough.  I will tell you the sad details of how it all went down in my final part 4 post.

Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How We Got Together & Started DD - Part 2

Oh my goodness the pressure.. I know it took me a few days to get more out, but I promise to not leave you all hanging as long between this post and the next.  My goal is to get this done in two more parts.. But I seem to be getting a bit wordy, so let's see what happens.  :0)

Most of that summer was spent with Alex showing up for dinner or showing up on the weekend to help my father with his many projects.  Not sure how he made the time, he was working and attending college classes that summer, but he would always find a way to pop in a few times a week. My birthday is in the end of summer and I remember how sad I was, as everything was getting ready to change.  My brother was packing and getting ready to move a few hours away into a dorm to start college. I was having a hard time with him not being there everyday and my parents kept telling me to enjoy my last summer as a kid.  I was thinking... what, after my senior year I would magically become an adult?  I wanted to get a job over the summer but my parents wanted me to enjoy my summer and spend time with them.  I didn't understand then but looking back they knew I was going to be leaving them at the end of the year and this was truly my last summer really being with them as a minor.  Another thing I didn't know at this time is that Alex had spoken to my parents and laid out his intent on courting with the goal being marriage.

As most young people do, I had a go to spot.. The place where you go when you want to be alone to either think or lick your wounds, depending on the situation.  I had a small family celebration for my 17th birthday and being unsettled about all the change I went to my go to spot.  My spot was a pond that was tucked back in a wooded area a few blocks from my house. I would load up with bread and dryer sheets (the mosquito population was heavy) and head out on foot.  The pond was home to several generations of ducks, it was fun to watch them be little one season and then return the next and start their own little family. Those return ducks were use to me from the previous year, so when they would hear me trudging up from the woods they would start swimming to the bank knowing food was on its way.  I spoiled these ducks, my Mom would buy the cheapest bread and freeze it for me, so I would always have a supply for my trips out to the pond.

I had just gone through all my bread and was sitting on the grass watching the ducks swim when I heard the snapping of twigs in the woods.  Now this spot was not just mine, it was well known by the neighborhood kids..but I was annoyed to hear that some one was working their way up to "my" spot when I had gotten there first.  Sigh.  My annoyance swiftly turned to shock when Alex came into the clearing with another loaf of bread and a huge smile. He also had a present tucked under his arm, so if the extra bread didn't melt away the annoyance completely that pretty present did.  He had stopped by the house and my Mom had loaded him up with bread and sent him my direction.  She had also told him that for a birthday girl I wasn't very happy today and could he cheer me up...

He made his way over and flopped down next to me...

Alex: "You should know that I might need a blood transfusion from the amount of blood I have lost getting here to wish you a happy birthday."

Me: "Well since you did bring bread and a pretty present, I suppose I could share my dryer sheets with you."

He spent a few minutes rubbing dryer sheets on his arms and clothes making a big production out of it to make me laugh.  But the ducks didn't want anything to do with him, so he had to hang back while I went down and fed them more bread.  Once the greedy little ducks had downed another loaf of bread I came back and sat down next to Alex.

Alex: "Present now or after you tell me why you are not happier on your birthday?"

Me: "What? I am the perfect picture of all that is happy...."

One second I was on the grass and the next I was lifted up on his lap and cuddled into his chest. I think my thought process at this time was something like... OHMYGOSHIAMONHISLAPANDHEISHUGGINGMEANDHESMELLSREALLYGOOD!!!!

Alex: "What ever it is you can tell me about it, I am pretty good at listening and even helping solve problems. I am the oldest of 8 remember, so give me a shot."

It took me a few minutes of internal struggle, but after a long dramatic sigh I went for it...

Me: "He is leaving and I am suppose to magically poof from a kid to adult in the next 9 months and everything is changing...." (Insert another dramatic sigh here)

Alex: "You are worried about your brother moving out and going to college?"

Me: "Yes, he will be gone.  Only coming home for holidays and nothing will be the same! Plus he can't even do laundry, how is he going to get clean clothes?  Or better yet he is horrible at getting up in the morning, it takes me and my Mom both to wake him up.. He will miss all his morning classes and that can't be good."

Alex: "I know you love him and you are worried for him, but this is his time to grow up and be his own man. He needs to learn to do laundry, wake up on time and manage his class schedule. That is part of starting his own life and pushing towards his future and being successful."

I had to giggle a bit at that...

Me: "You lost me at man... Did he magically poof and I didn't see it happen?"

After a quick squeeze and a few chuckles...

Alex:"I think when he comes home for Thanksgiving you will notice a big change in your brother and maybe you wont worry as much as his leaving this first time. He is not a kid and neither are you for that matter... You are a beautiful young lady and you will naturally change quite a bit in the next 9 months, so you don't need to worry about a magical poof moment to happen."

My head whipped up at the word "beautiful" and I think my jaw dropped down a bit too.. So it took me a few minutes to respond, but when I managed to find my voice...

Me: "You think I am beautiful?"

Alex:"Yes, I do."

He put his left hand on my cheek and slowly leaned in and kissed me.. with his eyes wide open.  I remember my heart was racing so fast I thought he has got to be hearing it too.. It was short but VERY sweet.

Alex: "Want to open your present now?"

Me: "Um, not sure anything is going to beat what just happen."

With a chuckle he lifted me back off his lap and on the grass next to him and handed me my present.

Alex: "I'm very glad you think so, humor me and open it anyway."

He gave me a scrap book to document and keep things from my senior year in high school and any thing else I felt important enough to record.  My name was engraved on the front cover and on the back was engraved "Much love, Alex."

My scrap book did record a few school events, but the major theme.... Alex.  I actually kept the wrapping paper in the scrap book from that day at the pond.  The book records from that day all the way to our engagement. Then I needed another book!

My kids, especially my daughter enjoy going through the book and asking me about things taped to the page or entries of my thoughts on events.  This scrap book will always be dear to me and to him, we pull it out every now and then... normally our anniversary and revisit our courtship all over again.

To be continued...

Thursday, October 17, 2013

How We Got Together & Started DD - Part 1

I have been asked several times over to provide more details on just how Alex and I got from that moment at Jay's game to married and me over his knee.. So I will now attempt to give you just that!  This could get long, so I am going to break it up into a few posts.  If you haven't read "The First Time" post you will want to go read that one first!

Here we go....

What makes a twenty year old suggest or even think of putting a feisty young lady over his knee? Well that is really easy... It's a family tradition that his grandfather passed down to him and several of his other grandchildren.  He basically told Alex that dating should be purposeful and not frivolous. The actions of dating should be done to find a wife and not to just have a moment and move on.  But in order to find said wife a man needs to know himself, have a plan and be a leader she would want to follow.  Alex said his grandfather was a really strong influence on him growing up and just witnessing the love his grandparents had was enough to make him want to know the "secret" to having that same thing.  So as each grandson would start looking at girls, grandpa would start coaching them in the tradition he was taught.

Where is Alex's father in all this you ask...  :0)

I should tell you that Alex's father was in an accident in his mid twenties and his mother actually met his dad nursing him back from his injuries.  Very sweet story and romantic as heck, I still get teary eyed when they tell the story of how they fell in love.  But this accident changed the formula of how their marriage was structured and so the family tradition skipped a generation.  Their relationship and my own parents remind me that non DD marriage can work as well, but I do see bumps they struggle over that we don't. But to be fair we have some bumps too in this dynamic that they would never even imagine tackling.  But I digress...

Back to that night at Jay's game...

After Alex walked away from me that night on the bleachers, boy howdy was I furious.  How dare he threaten to put me over his knee, just who did the jerk think we was!!!  I had worked myself up pretty good by the time Jay came off the field and I told him what a jerk of a brother he had.  The look on Jay's face when I told him exactly what Alex had said to me was not what I had expected.  Instead of him getting mad with me and verbally bashing his brother as only expected of a best friend he turned white as a ghost.  I thought he was sick, maybe got over heated so I ran for water. Only when I got back I found him with a silly grin on his face and a quick "I can't help you on this one, I agree with him".   Which had me stomping off to find another ride home because at that point I was done with the Smith boys!  Grrrrrr...

Jay spent the next several weeks making sure Alex and I crossed paths as much as possible.. If he promised to pick me up from some place, Alex would show up instead.  I got a flat tire and called Jay only to have Alex show up and save the day.  It was the flat tire incident where I stopped seeing him as a nosy older brother type and really looked at him.  When in the world did Alex, older brother to Jay and all around pain in my tush growing up get... well GORGEOUS!!  I mean it really happen that fast, I went from irritated that Jay sent Alex, to oh my goodness this is not a boy but a man changing my tire. At this point I became tongue tied and just sat back and watch him take over the situation and change the tire.  I also took the time to rethink my feelings where one Alex Smith was concerned.  I definitely peg that as the day where I started to see Alex as a man and started treating him with more respect. Alex started showing up at my house, offering to help my dad on projects. (My father to this day always has "projects", drives my mother batty.) So of course my mom would invite him to stay for dinner or lunch since he was ever so helpful and there.  Eventually he was just there in time for meals once or twice a week and it was normal, I just set the place at the table knowing he would be there.

To be continued...  :0)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Anonymous..  This is your five minutes, after this you get no further acknowledgement from me.  From my third post you have been leaving me your comments, spewing your negativity and sarcasm.  What I find interesting is your vigilance to follow each post so closely, within minutes of my publishing you are putting in your comment.  Why troll around DD blogs if you are so against the concept?  You are so quick to deduce things about me and those that practice DD, yet your comments are very telling...

Your creativity with foul language is truly astonishing and points to your lack of education.  I often tell my children that those that resort to cursing either lack the intelligence to stick useful adjectives together or lack the imagination to create their own string of thought. Another thing that jumps out at me is that perhaps you doth protest too much... Perhaps you want and crave this life style but it is unattainable to you for what ever reason, so this is you lashing out at someone that has it.  Like a child pouting over a toy another has and you have yet to get or will never have. You come across as a spoiled child that has never been given the gift of discipline or the simple concept of treating others as you would be treated.  

I suggest you find another blog to follow, maybe a self help blog of some sort... Educate yourself. Only you can create the positive you are so badly lacking in your life.  Life is way to short to be so negative!

I can be apathetic to a point, but then my Irish temper takes over... So let me make this as simple and clear as possible for you...

MOVE ON!  Get over yourself...

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sunny's MeMe

I think this went around over the summer, it looked like a fun Friday adventure!  :0)
1. WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO BED? Nothing... I sleep so much better without anything on and my husband loves that..  :0)


3.WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE THING TO DO ON A RAINY DAY?  Read a book, sip a glass of red wine and relax.

4.YOUR FAVOURITE SNACK FOOD? Rice chips (pico de gayo is my favorite)

5.DO YOU CRY AT SAD MOVIES? Yes!!!  It doesn't even have to be really sad to get the tears going. Ugh. When I was pregnant even commercials made me cry.

6.WHAT'S YOUR FAVOURITE IMPLEMENT TO BE SPANKED WITH?  TBD, we are going to experiment.. So stay tuned!  :0)



9. DO YOU HAVE SEX WITH THE LIGHTS ON OR OFF? Either, if they are on we don't usually take the time out to turn them off..  :0)


11. HOW DO YOU DRINK YOUR TEA OR COFFEE? I don't like tea.. Coffee is once in a while and it has to have a flavored creamer.. Caramel  or French Vanilla.

12.ARE YOU A BARGAIN HUNTER? Oh heck yeah!

13.DO YOU THINK BALD MEN ARE SEXY? Depends on the shape of their head.  :0)

14.ARE YOU A GOOD DRIVER? Well since I am answering this and not my husband, I will go with yes.

15. IN A 24 HOUR PERIOD HOW MUCH TIME DO YOU SPEND WATCHING TV? Unless it is football season, practically none.  Now if we are including Netflix and watching old stuff, maybe an hour or two when I have the time.

16.NAME THE LAST BOOK YOU READ: The Perfect Hope, Nora Roberts

17. WOULD YOU RATHER BE HOT OR COLD? Cold, I like big sweaters and Jeans.

18.HOW MANY HOURS A DAY DO YOU SPEND ON THE INTERNET? 15 hours, but I am on all day for work too!  So it is not as bad as it sounds...  (Yep, that is my story and I am sticking to it!)



Thanks Sunny for starting this, it was lots of fun!!!  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Re-connection Spankings


My husband has been named....  Alex.

Whew.. That was not easy.  

Second...  Re-Connection Spankings!

So if you read my last post at the end I vented a bit about the amount of spanking going on over here and the need for re-connection spankings.  I might have whined a bit about Alex being overly HOHish, which was not fair.  Sigh..

I was pushing at him and he was reacting to my pushing. Totally see that now, but at that point of venting I wasn't seeing that at all.  So thank you to those that left me comments, you all made me see this from another point of view and you have the experience to tell me what the heck I am doing... I haven't felt myself with all this change and that is driving me batty too.

Lots of competition between these two.. 

Alex has clued into what I am doing too, bless his heart and has been very patient.  Of course I didn't see that either until we had a "discussion" last night and he showed me just how easy he had been on me.  Ugh.

I am happy and amazed to say that I am feeling so much better this morning and slept really well for the first time in weeks last night.  I was out the minute my head hit the pillow and didn't move until the alarm went of this morning.  I am a very light sleeper and usually get up once or twice to check on things, but last night was just total exhaustion.  The kids are on Fall break from school and out of town with the Grandparents, so we had the entire house to ourselves this last week.  Which is good because we needed all of last night to "discuss" all this line testing..

I can push, put my toes all over the line and even hint at crossing the line and he will be right there pulling me back.  Would have been nice to get that through my thick head before he set my bottom on fire, but that's just me.  Alex has got me, always has and that will never change.  We are trying new things in our relationship, one that has been going strong for 17 plus years.  He just seems to handle the change better,   maybe that is why he is HOH!   I am very glad not to hold that position.

Re-connection will happen on Sunday as planned and will continue for now.. Of course he suggested I try to stay out of trouble until then so it will be easier on my bottom.  Grrrrrr..

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Name Game

As suggested by Wilma, I am trying to name my hubby for this blog.... Sounded easy, but is proving a bit difficult.

My options so far:

Alex - I gave him this name in my "The First Time" post. It is actually his middle name, so not very creative.

Captain - He is forever asking me "Just who is the captain of this ship?" (I was a bit spunky once and broke into the 'Oh captain, my captain' poem...Didn't end well.)

Yoda - I told Wilma she was my blogger Yoda and he pouted that he was the one keeping me strong with the force. (Think he is missing the connection of "his" force and "the" force, but didn't point that out.)

That is it....He is a tough one.  Iron man was in the running, but he totally balked at it. My reasoning was his hand feels like iron and he really looks a LOT like Tony Stark... Only way taller.  He growled and said I need glasses... What ever!

Any votes?

On another topic...Reconnection (some call them maintenance) spankings, what the heck are these for again? Should they really be weekly... I am getting spanked more than ever in our relationship! Not so sure these weekly ones are needed....We haven't had a break to get unconnected! Plus the two we have attempted have turned into punishment spankings. Grrrrrr...

I was/am super happy and surprised at the new "fun/sexy" spankings that came with all this change. But now we have more than doubled the punishment ratio, which I am not happy about. He says I am pushing and I say he is being overly HOHish.  Maybe this is just a normal adjustment period and we both need to chill out a bit, because this could become a battle at some point otherwise.... One I won't win! :0(