Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Anonymous..  This is your five minutes, after this you get no further acknowledgement from me.  From my third post you have been leaving me your comments, spewing your negativity and sarcasm.  What I find interesting is your vigilance to follow each post so closely, within minutes of my publishing you are putting in your comment.  Why troll around DD blogs if you are so against the concept?  You are so quick to deduce things about me and those that practice DD, yet your comments are very telling...

Your creativity with foul language is truly astonishing and points to your lack of education.  I often tell my children that those that resort to cursing either lack the intelligence to stick useful adjectives together or lack the imagination to create their own string of thought. Another thing that jumps out at me is that perhaps you doth protest too much... Perhaps you want and crave this life style but it is unattainable to you for what ever reason, so this is you lashing out at someone that has it.  Like a child pouting over a toy another has and you have yet to get or will never have. You come across as a spoiled child that has never been given the gift of discipline or the simple concept of treating others as you would be treated.  

I suggest you find another blog to follow, maybe a self help blog of some sort... Educate yourself. Only you can create the positive you are so badly lacking in your life.  Life is way to short to be so negative!

I can be apathetic to a point, but then my Irish temper takes over... So let me make this as simple and clear as possible for you...

MOVE ON!  Get over yourself...


  1. Trolls are mean!!! Go away meanie. Find something more useful to do with your time like throwing sharp things at yourself!!!

    (Hugs) Irish Lucky!

  2. Oh Irish, I am sorry you had to deal with this. I have been very fortunate not to have been 'trolled'. What people who don't blog don't understand is how very difficult it is to put yourself 'out there' even if it is an anonymous form How utterly terrifying it can be some days to 'click' the publish button.

    Of course the rewards can be huge and the support immeasurable at times when we need it. What we don't need is the ignorant trying to belittle us. The cyber bullies who can't even sign a 'fake' name to their ramblings. What is the point? Our life, may not be their choice, but guess what? It is our CHOICE. "No animals were hurt in the filming of this" so shoo !

    Also ( side note) wanted to know if you got my email from a few weeks back...just toss me an email if you have a second.


    1. Hi Wilma,

      You are so right, this becomes personal after sharing parts of our lives.. I am over it all now, actually felt better the second I hit the publish button yesterday. Thanks so much for your support! :0)

  3. I think you handled this beautifully. Hope the troll leaves you alone now.

    1. Thanks Cali!!! So far, so good.. Crossing my fingers! :0)

  4. Well done, Irish. It's annoying that they feel they have to comment such negative things. If I come a across a blog I don't like, I move on. Simple as that.
    Clearly, some just like to bully.
    Hang in there and don't let them get you down!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Yes, bully pretty much sums it up. Grrrrr.. Hoping this is behind me now and I can just enjoy my blog again. Thanks for your support! :0)

  5. Hi, Lucky. I just read through your blog from the beginning. Very good start. I like your story.

    I'd like to ask a question, but don't feel obligated to answer it. I'll recap my understanding of your dynamic before I ask.

    You've been in a form of a dd dynamic since the beginning of your marriage. Clearly, you are consenting and accepting of being spanked as discipline or correction for dangerous behavior or disrespect. You relationship sounds healthy and your marriage is strong. You also recently found you like the fun/sexy spankings, and those have been incorporated into your relationship.

    Why are you doing reconnection spankings? I didn't really absorb your reason(s), other than Alex decided to start doing them. I also picked up on your recent inability to talk to him openly about things as you have in the past, and think I caught a connection in that as a possible reason for the reconnects.

    "Just because he said so" is a good enough reason, I merely wondered if there is something else more specific that he, or you, or both of you are trying to accomplish with the reconnects.

    Now, about those anonymous trolls spouting vile sludge on your pretty blog. They're only slug bugs, so don't give it a second thought when you squish them. Their only purpose in life is to go around trying to spread their hate and discontent. Poof! They're easy to delete.

    You can report them to Google if they are threatening you. Google has certain obligations in those cases.

    1. Hi Irishey,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi! Wow, you did a bunch of reading. :0)

      I have a hunch Alex wanted to start and continue re-connection spankings to prove a point to me... I haven't called him on it yet, but will be finding the time to ask. We are zero for three on actually having a re-connection spanking at this point. We also put a few more actual rules in place to remove some frustrations that have popped up lately. So our spanking ratio sorta shot up at me pushing at him, as I was not handling the "change" well. But my thought is that he was showing me that we were doing our own version of DD, that doesn't make us doing "it/DD" wrong, but in our own fashion. I needed to understand this, as I was confusing things a bit. But just telling me didn't really work for me, so he was going to show me rather than tell me...

      We both thought the time spent regrouping every week and making that special time to talk would be good, but he was the one who decided we would have re-connection once a week. Keep us talking openly and making sure we are on the same page.

      I got a new position at work a few months ago and I think it has messed with our communication and dynamic. I am managing others on a global scale and it is very stressful and demanding. Separating out my leadership role at work and turning into his sweet submissive wife at home is proving to be a challenge.

      So we are going through a few changes right now, but they are all good and needed. Hope that explains things and answers your questions.. If not let me know, happy to expand more.. Writing these things out really has helped me see things more clearly and often gives me those light bulb moments!

      Thanks for your support on my troll issue.. That delete button really does give a really wonderful feeling of power over those slug bugs! :0)

  6. I'm sorry you've been getting nasty and hurtful comments. I don't give trolls the time of day. If someone comments on my blog and is just full of nastiness then I delete their comment. They're just looking for attention so I refuse to acknowledge them at all. My approach has worked well for me. I hope your approach works well for you!

    1. Hi Grace,

      Thanks for stopping by... Yeah, the comments were starting to get to me. I had originally just deleted them, but after they kept coming... Grrrrrr. I have a temper and it needed to be expelled a bit, so I felt MUCH better once I hit that publish button. :0)

      I didn't get rid of my troll, I just found that out, but you are right he/she isn't getting one more second of my time.

      Thanks so much for your support! :0)