Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sleepless Nights, Netflix & HOH Madness

Alex went out of town last Friday and took Kyle with him, he is going back east for work and some personal stuff.  So that has left Kaylee and I on our own until Thursday evening, Alex wants to be here for Halloween to protect the house.  It's our first Halloween here and we really don't have many kids in the neighborhood much past ours and Jay's.  But he still wants to be here to ensure no eggs are tossed or toilet paper hanging from trees, our old neighborhood was super crazy with that stuff on Halloween.  But we also were right next to a high school too, so I really don't think we need to be concerned this year.

Kaylee is still spending most her time down the street, but with Lori's mom now staying with them she is starting to shift back home again.  I had forgotten how organized Lori's mom really is, she came in and started barking orders within the first hour and had all the kids figured out.  I almost felt like saluting her as I ran for the safety of my home before she gave me orders to carry out.  Lori is up beat and loving having her mom there to take care of her and the family.  She is also counting down the days for her oldest to come visit for the holidays from college.  :0)

A few posts back I wrote about not being able to sleep at night and while we are figuring out a doctor and care path it's really been a struggle to sleep.  How many people have Netflix?   Oh my goodness, what a treasure trove of fun that little application is!!!  We have had it and the kids have told me it's amazing and I have dabbled in the past and watched some movies.  But with Alex gone this last couple of nights I had lots of time on my hands and decided to give it a better look.  I have found old series that I loved and missed when they left me... THEY ARE ALL ON NETFLIX!!!  No commercials, just episode after lovely episode and my gosh time just does manage to fly by when you are watching them back to back.  At first I was telling myself that the shows aren't really an hour since they don't have commercials so no guilt in watching say four or five at a time.  Plus, my eyes were getting tired so once I was able to talk myself into putting my iPad down and try to sleep I was out cold!  So Friday night I was asleep by midnight, which isn't bad at all for me!  Then Saturday it was more like 1am or 2am and by Sunday it was closer to 4am when I finally turned my light out and gave up.  The problem with this is that I didn't get to adjust my wake up time, as we had church and other obligations to attend.  So I might have looked a bit off on Sunday and I most definitely was off my game yesterday... Sigh.   I did manage to turn my light out last night by 10pm, but it was more like I just couldn't stay awake at that point.

I have been talking with Alex three and four times a day since he left, so it's not like we haven't been communicating... I did tell him my discovery of Netflix and all my shows and how excited I was to have them at my finger tips.  See, full disclosure... I told him that no, I haven't been sleeping great but that I was sleeping enough.  He asked if I setup our next appointment with the doctor we decided on and I confirmed that I had and we moved on to other topics.  I will be sooooo happy to not be in pain on a daily basis and be able to sleep at night without issue... Oh how I miss sleep.  :0(

I guess he talked with some of our friends from church on Sunday evening and it was casually mentioned that I looked tired and if they could help with anything let them know... Grrrrr.   I am going to give folks the benefit of the doubt here and conclude they all know how much we have been helping Jay's family and that is why they said anything.  The problem is that Jay talked to Alex last night and mentioned I looked dead on my feet on Sunday and yesterday so he was concerned.  But hello, he never said boo to me about it either day!!!   He did ask Alex if maybe I felt nervous about being home alone with out him or Kyle around at night and should he offer to come down and check things out at night for me.. (I will give him sweet points there...)  But this didn't help my case having Jay basically validate the casual comment from our other friends.  So this morning he called me to see what was what...

Have you ever been so deep in sleep that noises around you translate into dream noises?  I changed Alex's ring tone to "All About That Base" (long story but it fits us right now) but in my dream I was dancing around the house cleaning.  Yes, I tend to do chores in my sleep that is the special kind of nut I am...  Not always but more often than not my dreams combine everyday chores with whatever crazy fun stuff my sub conscience decides to toss in there.  So in short I slept through three calls in one hour and didn't surface this morning until Kaylee came in and woke me at 9:30am.  Ooops.   I totally crashed out, but my eyes and body feels all the better for it now!  Alex got freaked out and called her cell and had her come check on me and that is just really not a great way to start your day... Kaylee my sweet girl told him to just give us a few minutes and I would call him right back.  So she ran for the kitchen to get my coffee and I ran and jumped in the shower to get my senses about me. (Well I guess I more like wobbled instead of ran, my back gets super stiff in the mornings.) Between the coffee and shower I was human and on the phone with him five minutes later.  The conversation started pretty much with:  "Woman, I leave for a few days and you turn into a zombie and why aren't you answering your phone?  I am coming home today and that is that!"  Oh my goodness it was totally UNFUN that conversation, I mean it was literally minutes before I could even get a word in edge wise.  Sheesh..  HOH gone wild!

I did manage to calm him down and he is still coming home on Thursday or at least he said as much.  Honestly I wouldn't be shocked to see those boys home tonight, I have heard Alex in utter HOH mode and he was THERE this morning.  Plus I have had a few phone conversations with Kyle and he says that Alex has been regretting taking this trip the entire time and feels he should have stayed at home.  Ugh...  Alex didn't tell me that hello!!  

So I promised to take the sleeping aid this evening the natural path doctor prescribed and to call Alex when I take it and talk with him before I doze off.  The reason I haven't taken any yet is that I am not sure how this is going to effect me and I didn't want to take anything without Alex with me and we got the medicine right before he left.  With it just being Kaylee and I here alone it wouldn't be good to be drugged out and not be able to help with any emergencies.  (Did I tell Alex that before he left? Um.. errrrrr.. No.) Lori already called down and offered me the guest room tonight if I wanted it and Jay would be there to help. (That is another clue that Alex isn't calmed down all the way, he called them pretty fast after hanging up with me!) But I think Kaylee will be perfect company and I feel she would be just fine to call down the street if we needed any help.  So I promised to take the medicine and Kaylee will sleep with me and we would report back in the morning too.  That seemed to help him feel better, but again not going to be shocked if they walk in the door tonight... That is just how my HOH rolls.  :0)  

 As for my Netflix watching, I am going to try harder to not get lost in all the back to back episodes.  But due to my current issues, this only helped keep my mind off of things and didn't put me in zombie land.  At least that is my story and I am sticking to it!  :0)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Halloween!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Castle!

There we sat in the parking lot both peering up at the ... well it was a castle.

Me: "Well you know I thought the name was interesting but for some reason I just didn't think the store would ... well be an actual castle."

Alex:"It's the worst imitation of a castle I have ever seen, maybe the online shopping would have been the way to go."

Me: "What and miss out on going into the cheesiest castle you have ever seen and look at a bunch of kinky toys?  Where is your sense of adventure?  You took the day off, we drove all this way.  Let's just go in and at least look around."

Alex: "Fine, we are going in... Stay with me and keep close, in fact hold my hand and let me do the talking."

Me: "Sir, yes sir!"

I even did a very official solute and then immediately burst into a fit of laughing and crying at the same time.  His face when he told me to stay close and let him do all the talking, it was just too funny.  It was like we were going into battle or undercover or something really important and scary.  It took me a few minutes to calm back down and gave him just about enough time to change his mind about the shopping adventure that has literally taken us weeks to get around to doing.  So I had to pull myself together and get us out of the truck or I could see our adventure coming to a rapid end.  I barely made it out of the truck and he was out and around grabbing my hand and moving us in the direction of the doors.  We had just made it across the lot and were within feet of the door when he spun us around and off to the side and whispered in my ear...

Alex: "I am all for us having an adventure, but you stay with me and seriously try to behave until we get the lay of the land in there.  Understood?"

Me: "Understood!"  (I even managed to not laugh...just barely.)

Then we headed in with Alex in the lead and me just behind him on his right with my hand in his ready for our first kinky shopping adventure!  As soon as we walked in the front area I was speechless... Maybe it was due to it being so close to Halloween they decided to put the really scary crazy stuff right up front????  I just don't see zombie, vampire or the blood and guts thing as a turn on at all... Nope!  It had us both backing up a bit and if the sales person (I have to say person as I honestly couldn't say if it was a boy or girl!!!  Seriously, neither of us can decide so we have started calling he/she "Pat" when we talk of our adventure.)  hadn't come over at this point we might have just turned and ran for it...

(Let's stick with calling our "helper" Pat to make this easier...) :0)

Pat: "I am going to guess this is your first visit with us?"

Alex: "Really good guess, I bet we made that tough on you."

Pat: "Nah, written all over your face big guy and you have some one hiding behind you?"

Me: "Wife, letting him get the lay of the land.  Oh my goodness did that hurt?"

At this point I had just noticed that Pat had the most piercings I have ever seen in my life.  The ones on her mouth looked super painful to me but the ones running across her left eyebrow were red and swollen!  She/he got a huge smile and said no they were healing very nicely and couldn't wait to get the other side done.  I just managed a smile and something like oh really, but inside my head I was screaming "WHY?".

Alex: "We aren't really looking for costumes, fake blood or knives or ... just anything that draws blood is not on our shopping list."

Pat: "Oh well if you have a list, just pass it on over and I can help you get what you need."

Me: "Well now what fun would that be?  Maybe you can show us around so we... or he can get the lay of the land and we can get past the blood section?"

Pat: "It's pretty basic, if you start on the left and that would be my suggestion for the two of you. (Oh honey if you only knew) The left is full of oils and creams and then it turns into games and toys the more you go to the right and center of the store.  I wouldn't think anything on the right side of the store would be what you want but there are paddles and more hard core items the further to the right you go. "

Me: "Paddles, blood and pain oh my... "

Alex: "Keep it up and we will start in the paddle section and see just how much pain we can find for you."

Me: "And he has the lay of the land folks..."

I am pretty sure Pat heard that but since Alex pulled me away so quickly (with a slight swat to my bottom to move us along) and a really cool looking set of handcuffs caught my eye....  It was just amazing.   We spent the better part of an hour looking through all the interesting things the store has to offer and we had a ton of things to google last night when we got home.   Well.... Of course after we tried out some of our new toys!  They even have back rooms to try some of the items out, but I couldn't talk Alex into trying to get into one of them.  Grrrrrrr.    Maybe next time.  :0)

Alex didn't seem to really care for much on the left side of the store but we had tons of fun in the middle and of course in the implement section.  We did buy a few games, but Alex was most alive in the toy and implement sections and didn't seem all that reserved about swatting me with things either.   I am pretty sure my bottom was a nice shade of pink by the time we left the store, but it was all in fun.

My thoughts after our first kinky shopping trip and toy trial:

1.  Leather paddles are WONDERFUL!
2.  Eatable panties are really bad fruit roll ups in disguise..
3.  Anything with rabbit ears is WONDERFUL too!!
4.  Silk feels better than rope or handcuffs and doesn't leave any marks
5. Oils that feel good on him... may not feel good on or in her!!! OUCH!

If you have never visited a Castle near you... I would suggest you go and take a look around, but maybe not around Halloween.  :0)

P.S. - Cat, they had butt plugs!!!  I will have nightmares for weeks and weeks to come now...  THEY WERE HUGE.   (Just got goose bumps even typing that out!)  Alex said next time, but I am saying NO WAY!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Frustrated!! :0(

When did having a opinion that didn't exactly match another person's opinion make said opinion wrong or then leave that person open to being called names or have negativity unleashed on them?  It seems every place I look lately it is the same...  People voice an opinion and get slaughtered for it.   We use to value the diverse views of others and pull from the strength that comes with diversity, that is what this land of freedom was once upon a time known to provide.   It's very sad to watch how things are changing here and around the world and keep a positive attitude.

Just the basics of not saying anything if you can't say anything nice or anything that will improve a situation.  Can't we all just play nice in this big sandbox called earth?  Maybe we can start by not generalizing... Or maybe remove all the lovely labels we are so good at placing on people and then treating them according to our set of criteria that has gone with those lovely labels.   One person does something batty but has been labelled a certain way and now everyone else wearing that same label (a label they no doubt never even wanted to wear) must be punished or treated horribly because another person they don't even know acted a certain way??? Really??  I just don't see the logic in this at all and it is frustrating!

Sorry, I had to get that out...  I feel much better for just typing this out and once I hit the publish button it will be exercised even more from my system.  This is one of the reasons that I am so very happy that I was able to start blogging, everyone has a way of decompressing and writing really works for me.  

I do miss kick boxing, my old gym and the ease of which I used to fall into bed and be out like a light in minutes...  On the days that I am crazy busy, I still fall into bed and pass out but those days are not as many as I would like.   Sleeping well is becoming a harder thing for me lately and my dark circles under my eyes are calling that out now.  I am not sure if it is worry about what is happening around me or just good old fashion insomnia (never had this issue before, so not sure), but sleep is a challenge and it only seems to come when I finally am just too exhausted and my body gives up and sleeps.  I went to the doctor last week and they told me about some foods I could eat and of course there are tons of sleeping pills out there to try...  Ugh.  I don't want to rely on a pill to sleep, I would much rather figure out why I can't sleep and fix that and not put a medical band aid over the fact I can't sleep on my own.   The thought was that the meds they put me on for my back could be causing some of the issues and some of my last blood results show my kidneys don't like the meds either.  

Soooooo.. I said no more and left my doctor without a backward glance.  I am not a folder with a print out of a name and no face, but a living breathing human that just wants to not be in pain every time I move and to sleep at night.  I still have many more years on this earth (I hope :0))  so messing up my major organs by taking pills and more pills to counter act the first set of pills to then offset side effects from those pills... Oh my goodness, what a mess!  So last week I went and saw two natural path doctors and both were very similar in what they thought would work for me.  Now the problem is that Alex and I don't agree on which one I should continue seeing and following the treatment plan.    We are working it out, but it's a challenge as we both obviously want the best for my health but I have to feel comfortable as the patient right???  So just submitting to his wish on this one is a bit more difficult for me to swallow.  

What is even more hard for me to swallow is that I got myself into a bit of mischief yesterday and it resulted in a "discussion" last night.... I slept like a baby after it was all done!  Grrrrrrrr  

Alex woke me with a smile and coffee in bed this morning and said the cure for insomnia has been found... I don't think my backside likes that thread of thinking at all!  :0(   But I do feel MUCH better today and my circles are not as noticeable either, so I am really trying not to kick things and keep my temper in check this morning.  You would think this lady would be happy to have a wonderful night sleep, but watching her husband leave this morning like the cat that got all the cream...  I mean hello, I was the one that got myself in trouble, so really it was me that caused the good night sleep right?!?  Oh I know... But I am in that kind of mood and haven't snapped out of it yet.  Sigh.

Sorry, I know this post has been all over the place.... I am frustrated.  But as all things do, this too shall pass!

Lori update....  Lori is now officially on bed rest and it appears she will stay there until she is ready to deliver.  This little guy (yes, we have another boy!) doesn't want to stay in and get cooked all the way so she had to have a procedure to ensure he stays where he is for now.  Lori is doing very well and is staying positive through it all!  Jay setup a command center for her during the day downstairs and then he moves her upstairs at night so she has a change of scenery at least.  Kaylee and I are renting anything and everything from the red box down the street for her and we try to bring her books and magazines to entertain her too.  The cravings now that she is not sick every two seconds is finally a reality so that is fun.  Lori called me last night in tears, her mom is coming and going to stay with them until the baby is born.  Lori and Jay tried to get her mom to move with them late last year but she wasn't ready to let the house go yet.  Lori's dad passed away about two years ago and her mom just didn't want to move any of his clothes or tools... anything.  So this is huge and they are hoping she enjoys the time and will want to stay close following the arrival of the new baby.  She comes in on Wednesday, so we are planning a big celebration this next weekend to welcome her and lift Lori's spirits as well.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Quick hello...

My windows and doors are open!!!  I can hardly believe that I am sitting here with my window open behind me and the breeze has me reaching for my sweater....  YES!!!   This has been a long time coming and I am going to enjoy the heck out of it.  We get 6 months of HOT and then six months of not hot, I won't venture to say cold because we really don't do COLD here.  Our blood thins here from the heat, so as soon as it dips in the low 80s or upper 70s we are in layers here.  Really funny.

Our first of many new babies has joined us, he was born September 26 at 7 pounds and 2 ounces and 22 inches long.   Tony (the youngest of Alex's siblings) won that bet pool, so the competition for the twins is growing by the day.  The new parents are doing great and my SIL is all but back to her before weight, so I want to strangle and congratulate her all at the same time...  Ahhhh to be in my twenties again and be able to lose weight on a whim.  I wish that I could tell you his real name, they did a wonderful job naming this little guy.  Needless to say he loves to eat and sleep at this stage, but he always has a smile on that beautiful face too. My SIL sends multiple pictures a day, her Facebook wall is full of daily activities and pictures and each of them has him with a huge smile on his face.  I just love babies, but happy babies that are always smiling and have the laugh that comes from their belly... Oh my goodness, I can just eat them up! (Not literally, but you get what I mean.)  :0)

Sooooooo.. Anyone want to know who played some fabulous football last weekend???  My pink bottom can tell you several players that helped contribute to its color...


Saturday was super stressful for us and our family, so on Sunday Alex declared we were shutting ourselves away from the world and pulling back together as a family.   So after church we came home and ate lunch together and played some games and had a wonderful time before Kyle went to work and Kaylee went back down to help Lori.  That left Alex and I home alone for Sunday night football and it was LOTS of fun.  We even went over the last couple of months and it would seem that our "fun" spankings finally have out numbered our "punishment" spankings for once!!  HA!  I think retirement has helped, maybe not at first... But now that I am more settled or Alex made the guidelines more clear (I am going with me being more settled :0)) but we had a shift in that balance to more fun.   Yahoo for us!  

Now I am just hoping to make it through the holidays with that same average.