Friday, September 19, 2014

Baby Madness

With the size of this family it doesn't really amaze me that we find ourselves in this situation, but wow the baby madness has hit this family for sure!

Kenzie is due technically on the 25th of this month, but she is huge (sorry she really is..) and her tummy dropped big time last week.  We had her baby shower this last weekend and it was a huge success and they have everything they now need to welcome their new little boy...   They won't tell us the name, so that is driving us all a bit crazy.  :0)  We are taking baby bets on when the little guy will decide to join us, my bet is Monday the 22nd.   Alex lost as his was yesterday and I think he was trying to cheat because I heard him on the phone talking about driving on bumpy streets and dirt roads to get things moving.. Yeah cheater, cheater pumpkin eater!!!

Laci, our second bride of the year (or actually first since she got married first but wasn't suppose to.. oh  the drama of it all. See, still haven't gotten fully over all that yet.) is due on January 3rd.  But we just found out that she is cooking two in the oven and they don't usually go full term.  So the bets have already started on a set of Christmas babies.  She is also shopping for blue, as they are both boys.  Her baby shower is going to be right before Thanksgiving, as we will have more family in town at that time.

During the baby shower we had two more announcements... Stacey and Amy are both pregnant and so we will be adding more babies come February and March!  Big cheers went up and more baby madness was created and celebrated.  We will have a bunch of cousins all the same age to play and reek havoc during family holidays.  So fun to watch all these families start and grow over the years.

Now the surprise baby announcement that NONE of us saw coming, including the parents...  Lori and Jay are going to have another baby!  They just sent their oldest off to college and that was just REALLY hard for all of them and now this... Wow!!  Lori has been feeling really off lately but had chalked it up to missing her oldest and trying to get back into the swing of teaching school after having the summer off.  She finally went to the doctor on Monday and she and Jay came down last night and told us the happy news.  They are really struggling with this, as they really were not thinking of having more, as six was a handful to begin with... Plus Lori went back to teaching now that all their little ones were pre-school/school age, so she can help contribute to the bills.  So when they came over we knew right away something was up and Alex being ....well Alex, went straight first in to find out what was going on.   Once we got them sitting and offered to get some wine and Lori's eyes got the size of saucers I sort of just clued right in and sat right done next to her and whispered... Really?

Alex: "What really?"

Jay: "Seriously?  How can you two do that?"

Alex: "Do what?  Will some one tell me what is going on?"

Lori: " I am due February 5th, I was pregnant before Stacey and Amy both and had no clue.  Or maybe was that much in denial, I mean six babies and now a seventh."

Alex: "Are you sure?"

Yes, he was a bit slow on this one but seriously this was a HUGE surprise for everyone.  Lori and I even thought she might be starting menopause earlier this year.  She was not regular anymore and was having hot flashes, of course this was during the double marriages and funerals and lots of emotions were high... She was meaning to get to the doctor to have some blood work done to check and see if she was starting the big "M", but just never had the time.

Me: "See, I thought we were too young to start menopause."

Jay and Alex did a stereo "WHAT?" to that statement.   Ooops.  Did we forget to mention that Lori hadn't been feeling so well and we concluded maybe we were getting close to that age of ....  MENOPAUSE!

Lori:"Wow, I really wish I could have a glass of wine right about now."

Jay:"You didn't tell me you thought you were going into menopause."

Lori:"I wasn't sure and we had lots of stuff going on all year that it could have been anything that was making me feel off."

Jay:"You have to tell me when you don't feel right, no matter what you might think is happening.  I can't help or even know to watch for signs you need help if you don't talk to me and let me know what you are feeling. When exactly did you two decide that it was menopause making you feel off?"

I think we both gulped together at that point and boy howdy I have seen that look on Jay's face before and was SUPER happy it wasn't me that had to answer that particular question.  Lori told him in a whisper it was around April or May and Jay decided they would finish this conversation later at home.

Me:"Dang, you will need baby monitors again."

Lori:"Can you hear me now?" (She barely had that out and was laughing and so were the men.)

Me:"Oh shut up!" (Yeah, I had a laugh too..)

<Sorry, you would have had to read an older post to understand that exchange.. Needless to say baby monitors have gotten us into trouble with our men in the past.>

We talked about all her worries and I think she left here feeling much better about things.  I am super excited for them and super excited for me... I get to watch the new baby after Lori delivers and goes back to work!! Yahoo... I am super excited to spend so much time with this new little one and it was Alex's idea!  :0)   I am turning the guest bedroom into a nursery/guest bedroom combo!  Alex is already setting limits to my creativity, but it is going to be AMAZING.   We won't know for a few more weeks what she is having, but the consensus down the street is they want another girl.  So we will wait and see...

I just know that all these little ones are coming into GREAT families and are going to be surrounded by love.  Oh and I need to start planning, cause Lori is going to have the BEST baby shower ever!! I almost feel sorry for Alex already.  :0)

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow! Lots of this giving you baby fever or will you be happy just to take care of Jay and Lori's little one? Have fun with all the little ones!

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Hi Cat,

      Oh no! No baby fever here at all.. :0) I am sad when I look at my kids and notice how big they are and that in a few short years they will both be out of our house and starting their own families. But then I get excited about the new adventures they will have and the grand babies that I will ultimately end up getting to spoil and cuddle with. I have done my child raising, now I am ready to be the super fun Aunt or spoil you rotten Grandma! Basically, I want the fun parts and then hand them back over for the major work to their parents. HA!

      Irish Lucky

  2. When I was having my two older children, we went to a church with LOTS of young couples. We used to call it "The wave". The week my oldest son was born, he was one of 5 in the congregation... ALL boys... similar thing with my pixie... enjoy

    1. Hi Dana,

      The wave!!! I like it and it totally fits the situation.. :0) It's crazy they are all boys too. The women are super happy to have each other to talk about feelings and morning sickness since they are all literally weeks apart on dates. They are all meeting this weekend to swop out maternity clothes too, so that will help budgets. It's just fun for me to listen in and NOT have to throw up with them or worry about what will or will not fit me in the next coming weeks. :0)

      Irish Lucky

  3. I guess when it rains it pours! Congrats on the happy news, cousins are truly a blessing to each other :-)

    1. Hi River,

      It's going to be raining babies over here soon! :0) Yes, we can't wait to see this next group start to grow and romp around family gatherings. Going to be fun in a few years at Christmas with all these boys running around together. It's been a few years since we had a true batch of young boys running wild, so it will be lots of fun.

      Irish Lucky