Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whew... What a month!

Hello out there...  I am finally grabbing a few minutes to say howdy and I am still here!

Lots of change in the last few weeks, some for the good and some sad but we are dealing.

Marie was smart as a whip and what she lacked in size she gained in personality! She could back any of her over six foot tall boys up with a look and have a room enchanted and taken over with her laugh and charm!  She will be missed and loved always....

On the evening of May 17th Marie kissed us all goodnight and took the puppies with her to bed with a smile.  We found her in bed with puppies playing around her, but she had already gone the following morning.  She went peacefully in her sleep, the doctors said her heart wasn't strong and it finally gave out.  We had been trying to prepare ourselves for what this cancer was going to do by the end, so this was far better for everyone.  So we have been back to the mid west for another life celebration and goodbye for now send off.  Alex is coming to terms with losing his parents so quickly and is continuing his role of "ROCK" for his family.

Alex did ask me to quit my job and stay home, he felt like we only have a few years left with these kids and my presence at home was needed more now than ever.  Plus he wants less stress in our lives and having two sources of income really isn't a need as he can support us just fine on his income.

Sooooooooo.. I am now retired!!

My last day at work was super emotional and I still have mixed emotions about not working outside the home.  But being on my second week of my new stay home life, I am seeing some of those mixed emotions float right out the door.   I am now grocery shopping during the week, so it is less busy and Alex doesn't have to come with me.  (I tried to tell him that for months, but now it's more practical!! HA! Score one for me.)

My food hiding strategy (my teenage son has made this a real challenge) has taken on an entirely new level being here more and seeing his blind spots more easily.  So we have food the entire week and if he does catch on to my hiding space I have plenty of time to run out and restock my stash.  My daughter has also asked to try online school this next year and now that I am home we can give it a go.  So she has been enrolled and I can help her along in the fall as she needs me.  I cancelled my cleaning service and can now keep my house as clean as I want without driving anyone crazy... Or at least as crazy as before.  (Always going to be a type A personality, retired or not..)

I spent my first week of retirement painting and finishing up the clean up effort on the laundry room I killed hanging the chore white board up.  Sigh.  But it is all finished and I like the new color and am thinking of adding a border too.  HA!

Now that things are settling back down and I am finding a new normal, my blogging will start back up.  I also have written a few short stories and am very serious about putting some time aside to write a book.  Not sure what yet, but I have added writing a book to my bucket list!  I don't even know if I will pursue publishing it, but I would love to at least say that I wrote a book and share it with those that would be interested in reading what ever it was.

So that has been the last month in a nut shell.. Lots of change, but Marie is now home with her Lord and reunited with her husband.  My life is a new adventure everyday and these puppies keep me on my toes too.  Can't wait to see what the rest of 2014 has in store for this family, as we have had a boat load of change so far and we are only half way in...  :0)


  1. Oh Alex I am so sorry that 2014 has provided so much grief for you. My Dad was preparing to die from the ravages of cancer of well, and also died of a heart attack. Watching Barney's Mom die of cancer, I'll take the latter anytime- but it certainly doesn't make it easier for those left behind. If you can take comfort that they are together now. Little consolation I know at times.

    Irish, congrats on your retirement. Welcome to Margarita Mondays!! Tequila Shot Tuesday. Wino Wends....LOL.. Kidding *hick*. Enjoy getting all those pesky things off of your plate so you and Alex can actually enjoy 'days off' as they are meant to be!

    Happy to see you back

    1. Hi Willie,

      Alex says thank you! He is doing really well considering the shock of losing both parents so fast and close together. That they both went quick without suffering has really helped all of us. :0)

      Loving your days of the week!!! Alex said not to get any ideas, but I am thinking it's something worth pushing for.. Margarita Mondays for sure!! It' s such a difference to be home and plan meals and basically just welcome home the family each night. Crazy difference in the amount of stress I don't feel anymore! I am sure that will change now that the kids are on summer break, but both have gotten summer jobs so I am enjoying my time alone. Plus I can finally take a bubble bath without locking my bathroom down like fort Knox!! :0)

  2. Hey sorry Alex has lost his parents so close together but at least there is some comfort in the fact that his mother didn't have to suffer from the end stages of cancer and his parents are together.

    Happy you are beginning to enjoy your 'retirement'. I am sure you will find many things to keep you busy. LOL

    Will look forward to reading your stories and book. BTW...remember that PK has Fantasy Fridays so if you have a story written, you could send it to her to post for FF which has a lot of followers. :D

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Hi Cat,

      Thank you, Alex is doing really well and the family is dealing. Not having to watch them suffer is a great help in the process of moving on. I am having a blast so far with my days to fill with my own agenda. I have been able to keep myself busy, but some times that leads to trouble too. :0) But the way I look at it, he asked for it... HA!

      Hmmmm.. I will have to work myself up some courage to share my stories, they are totally a first for me. Blogging took me some time to settle into and sharing became easier as I went along. Maybe the same will happen with my stories.. Unless they totally suck, not sure. :0) I love that it feels like I have another world when I sit down and write them. It's like jumping out of my life and having a totally different one for a few hours .. Lots of fun.

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. Having watched my Aunt whom I loved like my mother suffer the battle of cancer for 6 years, I am glad she went peacefully in her sleep, for her and you. Congrats on the retirement. I often think of retiring but I am just to afraid.

    1. Hi Dana,

      Thank you, we are working through both loses but the fact neither suffered was very helpful. I was really nervous about retiring too.. Truth be told Alex and I have been going back and forth on this decision for almost a year now. I am still getting use to the idea of it all and it is crazy to have so much control over my days now... So happy I finally caved and everyday is a new adventure for me now. Alex is starting to wonder what he has gotten himself into, as I seem to have more time now to get into trouble... :0) But I am sure we will figure it all out as it comes.

  4. I'm so sorry about your MIL. What a tough spring for your family! I hope your "retirement" is very fulfilling.

    1. Hi Leah,

      Yes, very tough and rough spring for us.. But we are getting through it all and pulling together. I am liking retirement very much so far and look forward to seeing what happens the rest of this year. You would think eventually things would slow down for us right? :0)

  5. I'm so sorry for your families loss. Seems like you've had quite a few life changes recently. I'm happy that you'll be able to blog more though. :)

    1. Hi Kenzie,

      Yes, our lives have been full of change lately and I think we are due some boring!!! Boring can be good right? :0) Yes, super happy to have more time to myself and not knowing exactly what I am going to do with my days.. Each day is a new adventure for now. I have missed blog land, so super happy to have more time to surf around and write more.

  6. Hi Irish,
    What a blessing that your family was able to spend Marie's final days with her. I'm so sorry for Alex, losing both parents so close together. It's one of the hardest parts of "growing up(older)" I think. Congratulations on your retirement, being at home full time is so different than working and trying to manage a household. When I made the transition a little over a year ago I honestly did not know how I ever worked so much and still ran the house! But more time for trouble? um, comment :-)