Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Blog it sister...

Lori: "Grab a chair and get comfortable girlfriend we need to talk."

Me: "Oh goody, love the sit down talks.  Do we need wine too?"

Lori: "No,  I will have to pass on that.  Oh and this conversation is not to make the blog."

Me: "You are stifling my blog now?"

Lori: "What? No, I am not!"

Me: "Did you just say this can't make the blog?"

Lori: "That is not stifling, that is just..."

Me:"Limiting, removing from or blocking of content if we want to get really technical but they all really lead right on back to my favorite word right now.... Stifling!"

Lori: "This is totally making your blog isn't it?"

Me: "Absolutely, but no worries I won't tell anyone you are going to have another baby and that you have been hiding it for weeks now from your best friend."

Lori: "How do you do that?  Jay is right you hired our kids as master spies didn't you?"

Me: "Oh honey please, I have known you forever and then some.  You didn't eat anything green on Thanksgiving and you completely lost your cool and chucked potato chunks at our lovely sister-in-laws.  Jay didn't so much as blink an eye and you looked ready to draw blood.  You only go to the dark side when pregnant and to be honest I really love your hormones, they let you cut loose for a change.  But what I don't get is how this happen since Jay got the big clip and tuck thingy right?"

Lori: "Well yes, but we don't seem to follow instructions well.  I guess we needed to empty him out and we didn't or I guess we did and boom... Just call me fertile.  I can't believe I am going to be 40 and pregnant."

Me: "Well hey you have had tons of practice and now your little guy will have another playmate to torture as a big brother!"

Lori:"I am not going back to work, we had thought in a few years but not now.  Jay and I have figured it all out and I am going to stay home with these little ones and enjoy my last few babies growing big."

Me: "Oh Lori that is awesome!  Really I am super excited and you absolutely know I am here to spoil or help which ever you need and when ever you need it!"

Lori: "I know and I am counting on that in a really big way.  Oh fine... blog on sister... blog on!"


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Jay and Lori! And to you also, Lucky...I'm sure you're gonna find a way to get some baby hogging time. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat