Monday, July 7, 2014

Beware Of Zombies...

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL 4th of July!!!!   We went to Jay and Lori's for a swim party and  BBQ and had just about the entire family in attendance.  It has been a LONG time since everyone got together for fun without any sadness or drama, so it was very much needed.   The kids all had a blast (at least those that were not working) and a few actually made it to the fireworks, while the other half fell asleep and missed them.  Too much fun and sun did in most of the little people by dusk, so the adults enjoyed the show with some wine and peace.  It's hard getting use to the idea that most of our older kids have actual jobs now and had to work the holiday.  I get this is a really important part of them maturing and getting out in the world, but I miss them at dinner and special days like the 4th.  Sigh.  Change is never easy for me, I wish I was more flexible sometimes so I could just go with the flow and chill....

I miss my son, he got a job the day school let out and he is working as much as he can to save up for a new truck.  He is doing amazing and trying to keep up with our family times and keep his friends happy.  Alex let him do the stock shift twice already, as he gets more money an hour but it's in the middle of the night.  So we are pushing for him to work day hours and leave the night shift to older workers that don't have parents home freaking out. (Ok, fine have mothers at home freaking out that their baby is not home in bed!!!)  You can tell I am going to be a mess next year when he goes off to college right?  Ugh, not even going to think about that now.  I am sure he will stay home and pick a college within driving distance.. Yes, that is my mommy hope!

Kaylee well she is new to this and will get it with time but we are now helping her prioritize her time better.  We were only seeing her for minutes a day and that is just NOT going to happen, as least not at 15!  She and another friend are watching kids at the church Monday-Friday from 7am to 6pm and then she cleans two houses every weekend for some elderly folks for extra money too.  So she is busy, busy, busy....  But out of trouble and I know where she is, so that is VERY helpful.

I tried something new over the weekend.... Kaylee and I went into the game room and decided we wanted to see what these video games were all about.  The boys practically live on these things...or they did until they got old enough to work!  HA!  Amazing how that happens.. . So we got the xbox going and about twenty minutes later Kaylee called Kyle and after promising we wouldn't touch his account he got us setup and going.  I tell ya at this point I was thinking forget it.... Nothing can be worth all that confusion.  Sigh..  So he gets us going and says if I am play that Call Of Duty is a must, as he is thinking I would blow off major steam blowing things up.   Well sure, let's blow some stuff up... Or get killed about a thousand times trying to figure out how to shoot one thing!!

What I learned....

1. Don't mess with the teenagers!!

2. All teenagers playing xbox have friends... LOTS of friends!! You manage to take one out and they ALL come after you for revenge.

3. Technology is getting WAY too good.. The sound effects and visuals are all together WAY too real for me and ended up grossing me out.  I DON'T DO BLOOD & GUTS!!


5.  Zombies are dumb in general, but in numbers they will end your video gaming journey in a heart beat.  Which is sad, since they don't have an actual working heart at that point... But just saying....

Alex walked into the game room just in time to see me on top of the table yelling at the dead zombies on the screen that they would NEVER take me alive... After he got done laughing he had a go at it and decided that none of us should really be spending our time playing these games, they are super violent and gross..  I think he was just bothered because my score was just MUCH, MUCH higher than his when it was all said and done.  HA!

Over all I am happy to report that I have gone several days without getting myself into ANY (little things don't count!!) trouble so am thinking I am getting this retired thing down!  YES!!!   Oh and have I mentioned how much I enjoy my grocery shopping once again... All by myself, at my own pace and without any HELP.  It's fantastic!!!  

Sorry babe, I had to put that last part in here...  (Love you!!!)


  1. Happy to hear you had a great holiday Lucky. Oh yes, as kids grow up, they have time for everything but family. LOL On the other hand, sounds as if yours are hard working and keeping out of trouble which counts for a lot...congrats!

    I much prefer grocery shopping by my own pace...happy you are able to do so. ;) Keep up the good work.

    Hugs and Blessings...

    1. Hi Cat,

      Not sure about the hard working part.. :0) But staying out of trouble for the moment anyway. Oh yes, love having my grocery shopping back to myself... I beat my time record last week, shaved 15 minutes off my old time! (Yes, I am sad that way.)

      Irish Lucky