Friday, July 11, 2014

Going Private..

I finally told Alex what was going down here in blog land and after much debate on the subject this blog will go private.  I don't think very many people come by here anyway, but Alex would feel better about my blogging this way.

To be completely honest it has been a war zone over here and down the street.. Sigh.  Our men (Alex & Jay) seem to be in the all out protect your women at all costs mode now.  Ugh.  I thought it was sweet for about 15 seconds... Then I just got plain annoyed.  

So my hope is that I go private (that way I can keep blogging at least) for now and hope that he might feel differently in time.  Crossing my fingers and my toes on this one...  (Stubborn man that he is and that I love! :0) )

The settings on blogger let me paste in whomever wants to read my blog, so if you are interested please do let me know...

Will be leaving my blog up for a week, but can't post anything else until it goes private...  I guess this gives me time to figure out how to make a section for fictional stories so they are not lumped into my crazy life ramblings.  :0)

It's very sad what has happen and I feel for all those impacted..  I am also angry at the ripple effect that her actions have set off across this wonderful community and now my own blogging experience.

Irish Lucky


  1. I would love to be able to still read your blog. I don't know how to go about that. It's hard that is for sure. I am hoping that things settle down

    1. Hi Dana,

      I think if you give me your email address I just add you.. But honestly I am not sure and might need to reach out to a blogger more experienced with this stuff... Alex said he would look as I can't really tell what blogger is asking on the add reader link thingy... (thingy is a technical term, I am sure of it) :0) Will reach out to ya once we figure it out.

      Irish Lucky

  2. Hey Lucky sorry you are going private but ya gotta listen to that man of yours. ;) If you have room, would love to keep following you so will send you an email.

    Sending lots of positive energy.

    Hugs and Blessings...