Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Is boring too much to ask for???

Two of Alex's sisters are getting married in March and they have decided to share their special day.  Now one of these two have been engaged for two years, but has just left all the details to the last minute.  The other sister has only known her soon to be husband for three months and so the family is still in shock and maybe in a bit of denial to be honest about her getting hitched.  My perception on Alex's family is that the boys were raised with a more firm hand, because these girls are all over the place.  Seriously, his sisters drive me batty...  I love them, don't get me wrong, but they drive me completely up the wall with the choices they make and how they expect their brothers to save the day for them when they mess up.  I told Alex he needs to tell them his super hero cape is at the cleaners or something to give him some much need rest from their dramas.

Last Friday I got a phone call from Laci, she is the one that has only known her fiancé for three months and is now not only joining Kenzie at the alter... But taking over the details of the wedding as well.  Due to weather, timing (lack of planning on Kenzie's part) and finances they want to have the wedding in our back yard.  SERIOUSLY?  Wouldn't you think this conversation warrants a bit more than a phone call?  We want to take over your entire month of February planning the wedding and oh by the way your back yard and home for an entire weekend in March on a telephone call at 8am on a Friday morning!!!  Did she really expect for me to say that sounds WONDERFUL and dance a happy jig????

I mean the dust is still settling from our move, the holidays were a blur and my stress level has just started to level out.  Not that she is aware, but I haven't even managed to stay out of trouble for one entire week of 2014 so far... What are the chances of that improving if I have to enter into this new huge pot of CRAZY?

Once I was able to put words together again after the initial statement, I do me statement she didn't even ASK!  I told her that I could understand that finances and timing would make a backyard wedding more viable for them, but that my backyard was probably not the location they should be focusing on.  We just moved in and still have boxes in storage we are dealing with, not to mention my daughter has started her count down for getting her drivers permit and my son has only been driving for a few short months.  So we have teenagers to keep up with and just basic life moments we are trying to catch up on since we got so behind with the move and holidays.  Is it really wrong for me to want to put the brakes on anything big right now and focus on regrouping?

Laci wasn't happy at the end of the phone call, she hung up with out saying goodbye so to me that is just rude from anyone but from family??? Come on now!  I didn't even take time to breath, just picked the phone right back up and called Alex.  I had to beat her to him was my first thought and it was closely followed by... Oh you just wait until I tell him about this latest problem his sisters are dumping on his door step.

Alex: "Hey honey, I am stepping into a meeting is this important?"

Me:"Do you want a double wedding in our backyard in just over one month from now to happen?"

Alex: "Give me five minutes and I will call you back."

So while I waited for his phone call I got a text from Lori... "Did you talk with Laci and Kenzie about having their wedding in our backyard? I am going into class right now and am more angry than I can even say in a text message."  So I wrote her back.. "Interestingly enough you are not in angryville alone and no, we talked about the wedding being in our backyard not yours." Which got me a "WHAT???" back.  I told her to call me when she had some free time between classes.  Lori is a teacher and she loves her job, but her being in class all days makes it hard for us to gossip.. I mean chat during the day.

Alex finally called me back and I was able to relay the conversation I had with Laci to him and informed him we were not the only angle being played as Lori had texted me about them having the wedding in her backyard and they had put my name in there some place too.  He obviously could tell I was upset so he told me not to worry and to let him make some phone calls and we could talk about it when he got home.  I wished him the best of luck and hung up...  I even managed to get lost in work and totally forgot about everything until later that night when I came home.

Laci and Kenzie were in my kitchen with Alex and his mother chatting happily with wine and munchies.  Both of them live a good hour to an hour and a half from us and his Mom is staying with Lori and Jay for a few weeks before heading back to the mid-west and hopefully less snow.  So them just dropping by without planning at all was just not realistic, so this was a planned attack.  Alex came and greeted me with a huge hug and a whisper in my ear to "be nice" (ME?) and a squeeze to emphasize the statement.  Grrrrrrr.   I was given a glass of wine and a chair materialized out of nowhere and I was pushed into it and told to relax after my hard day at work.  All I could think was no amount of wine and buttery words are going to change the fact that these ladies are scheming against me and I am NOT backing down. (I also wanted to know how Alex had let it get this far and why didn't he call me and warn me what I was coming home to?)  I took the wine and made a show of sitting back and relaxing..  That would be when Kaylee came bouncing into the room exclaiming she had just found the ultimate wedding dresses for both Laci and Kenzie.  She noticed I was there and bounced over... "Isn't this just too exciting Mom? Two weddings in one and we get to be part of all of it and they are even letting me help with the theme and everything!"  Oooooohhhhhhhh NO they didn't!!!  They went around me to my daughter??? Seriously?  Now that is just playing dirty right there...

I turned to make eye contact with Alex and he looked like he was about to throw up.... Literally, the man was green.  He turned from the room and just barely made it to our bathroom before he was sick.  The flu bug had hitched a ride home with him and he was sicker than a dog for the rest of the night.  (Unfortunately Kyle was next and it hit Kaylee just last night... Ugh.) Needless to say Alex was sick and out of commission and I was left to CLEAN house.  Which I did... I was nice enough about it but was very determined to let them know that we were all off limits for at least the entire weekend.  So I got them all out the door and my kitchen cleaned up and took care of Alex the rest of the night.  It only dawned on me in the wee hours of the morning when Alex finally stopped getting sick and fell asleep that I had no clue where the wedding location currently was and how far in they had pulled Kaylee.  Really, Alex at this point hadn't even told me his thoughts or what conversation he had had about all this either.  Alex slept most of Saturday and when he was up he looked like death warmed over, so we didn't talk about anything important.  I kept him loaded up with fluids and watched movies with him until he fell back to sleep again.

 The flu bug did actually help me win the Super Bowl party argument... I didn't want to attend any parties this year, but stay home and watch from home and relax.  We had been invited to something like 7 different parties, just crazy the amount of people throwing Super Bowl parties this year.  Alex had said we would wait and play it by ear to see what we ended up doing, so it looks like a really good thing we didn't commit to anyone.  Jay came down after it was apparent the game was just not going to get any better and he made sure no one was currently tossing their cookies, he and Alex went out back for about an hour.  I was guessing they were talking about the wedding so kept my distance and gave them space. (But dang, I really wanted to know what was going on. Amazing how I could go from wanting NOTHING to do with the weddings to wanting to know EVERYTHING. Yes, I admit to my nuttiness, but I am a woman we change our minds ALL the time!)  Lori called while they were out talking and said I should meet her half way between the houses to "borrow" something.. I didn't get the clue right away but the quick whisper made me jump to the conclusion Maria was right next to her and she obviously had information she wanted to share. (YES!  I was finally going to get some information about the weddings!!)  So I decided cookies were needed and I was out of eggs and should really borrow some right then and could she meet me half way.. Lori quickly (and with a happy/giddy tone) repeated that I was out of eggs and why sure she had some I could have and she would meet me half way.

I have to wonder what the neighbors between our houses think of our two families.. If anyone had watched the confrontation Jay and I had a weekend or two back that would have been fun enough.. But the amount of kids that go back and forth daily and the amount of time Lori and I spend meeting half way to talk... Lori talks with her hands.. (Don't kill me, you know you do!) I am pretty animated when I get going on subjects that get under my skin so I can only imagine what they have decided about our families from watching us the last few weeks.  This conversation or lack there of would only just add to their belief we are Crazy people...  Lori came jogging from her side cradling the carton of eggs and I came running from my side with my monster puppy in tow.  (We have been working on leash training and so far I can say he has failed miserably.)  So it wasn't too surprising that when I came to a stop he didn't and he launched himself at Lori. (I think animals can sense when a person doesn't like their kind (Lori is NOT a dog person) and they go that extra step then to torment them for revenge.)  Also you should know I call him a monster puppy but he is not so much a puppy anymore in that he is 75 pounds of happy now...But very much still in puppy mode, he has zero manners yet.  So Lori ended up covered in egg and got a pretty nasty scrape on her left knee that started to bleed to the point we needed to get her inside quickly.  She wouldn't walk anywhere near the dog and so I told her to take the lead and I stayed a few steps behind with the monster in tow.  He was still bouncing around with tongue hanging out and all not a care in the world and if he had egg on him it was not noticed.  (Oh the life of a dog.) So we went back to my house and we no sooner got through the door when the men noticed we were there and Lori was hurt.  Jay came in and swept Lori away and back to their house (dang, I still don't know what is going on with the weddings!) and Alex turned on me... Well he turned his HOH, you better start talking look on me.

Me: "Alex, I was going to make cookies and we are out of eggs and so Lori was going to give me some. I went to meet her half way and took the puppy to get some extra leash time in and he got super excited and took Lori out.  It all happen really quickly, thank goodness it is just a scratch on her knee because he really took her down fast and hard.  You should really take a turn at the leash thing with him, he might listen to you better than me.  There is still some light left you could take him now, you know if you felt up to it. "

Alex was leaning up against the kitchen door way at this point and when I ended with him taking a walk with the puppy if he felt up to it he just continued looking at me as he crossed his ankles and sighed.  Ok.. guess he is not taking the monster for a walk anytime soon and we are going to actually have a conversation... Heck, I better just get this over with I mean it was pretty innocent really... Just a quick gossip between sister in laws.  Wasn't he and Jay doing the same in the backyard or was that ok under HOH standards, since they were figuring out if there was a way to tame their sisters this late in the game?  (I know, I am so bad... but really these girls get away with EVERYTHING!)

Me: "Lori called and it seemed like she might have some information about the weddings that she couldn't talk about with your Mom right there next to her.. So she was going to meet me half way with eggs so your Mom didn't know we were going to talk about everything that is going on."

This was all said without making eye contact, because really he already had to know this without my admitting it... (I don't make or eat cookies unless forced by a school project or function that I get volunteered for and can't get out of..)  Sunday night is our reconnection night and I REALLY didn't want a un-fun spanking that night.  Seriously, my goal all last week was to have a FUN spanking this weekend and change my stripes for February to be a good month.  I had not gone one week in January without getting into trouble!  We have been meaning to try out some implements and have some fun since late last year and have yet to have the time or the lack of trouble to get it done.  :0(

Alex: "We are not having the weddings here or at Jay & Lori's home. Mom and I have found a few other locations that they are going to check out next week and decide which will work for them. There intentions in dragging Kaylee into the details may not have been pure at the beginning but they are loving her help and enthusiasm so we should really let her help as much as they will let her and she enjoys.  If you wanted an update all you had to do was ask and I would have told you what I know and Lori could have been spared the hurt knee and up close cuddle with your uncontrollable dog."

(Did I mention we had this lovely puppy because I found him and brought him home?  He found me actually and was so small and dirty and clearly mistreated.  How did I know once he recoverd he would become a HUGE menace? A very huge and cute menace to be exact...I wouldn't change it for the world and neither would Alex, if he was being completely honest.)

Me: "Yes, of course that would have been the best way of getting information but you have been sick and then Lori called and you were with Jay... So I thought why not find out what I could and make some cookies for the kids at the same time.  It's a win/win right?"

Alex: "Jay was right... Lucy and Ethel." He finished that statement with a shake of his head and a chuckle.

It only took me a minute to figure out what he was talking about... He and Jay grew up watching EVERY "I Love Lucy" show.. I mean they can probably tell you by heart several episodes!  Grrrrrr.

Me: "Oh yeah Ricky, well then you and Fred had better stay one step ahead then."

That got me a raised eyebrow and then he started towards me...

Alex: "Oh honey, trust me I am WAY ahead of you."

I ended up having a VERY FUN spanking that night and we called in sick on Monday... So we had even more fun while the kids were in school..

I now have a favorite implement too!  But that is just an entirely different post all on its own..   :0)


  1. Well I'm happy things worked out for all of you. Man I hate manipulation. I also despise when someone tries to take advantage of my husband's good nature. Begs the question though, how can we so easily spot a manipulator if we aren't one? I know. It is a mystery to me too! lol


    1. Hi Wilma,

      Oh these two have manipulation down to an art form!! Grrrrr.. Hopefully once they are married Alex and Jay can relax a bit and let their husbands deal with them. HA! I told Alex he should have a "talk" with their fiancé's and maybe give them a few pointers. He said to hush woman, but he smiled... So I am hoping he changes his mind. :0)

  2. Wow. That is some craziness alright (the sisters with the wedding stuff). I'm glad the wedding won't be taking place in your back yard. And I'm glad you ended up with a fun spanking and not a more serious one. :)

    1. Hi Grace,

      Thanks, me too!! I am seriously hiding out until the wedding to ensure I don't get sucked in to anything. :0) Yes, we needed a fun reconnect and fun we had... I am hoping we start a run of those now after the mess we had in January.

  3. Glad you will only be attending weddings and not hosting them.

    1. Hi Leigh,

      Me too! Whew, that was a close one. :0)

  4. Hey Irish...I'm with Sunny...so happy you will only be attending the weddings and not hosting them. Ya know, those girls could really use some good old fashioned discipline. Maybe they each ought to receive an anonymous wedding paddle. :D


    1. Hi Cat,

      Oh I totally agree!!! I think Alex and I should give them a paddle for a wedding present. HA! :0) I just don't think they will get as much use out of flatware or china... Just saying. :0)

  5. Wow I don't know how you kept a
    Cool head, I would have been spitting nails lol families are complicated and I have to say my brother and his siter are the ones we always end up arguing over. In my opinion they're both selfish and self-centred and as soon as we say no to something they spit their dummies ( that's a pacifier for my American friends ) out but sometimes you just have to say no :)

    I'm with Sunny and Cat, glad your not hosting it and if your daughter enjoys it then it's not bad for her to get involved as long as it doesn't disturb her life :)

    Can't wait for the post about the implements :)

    Hugs x

    1. Hi Missy,

      I think the flu actually saved me from getting into a mess. I was super close to losing it and had Alex not gotten sick I would have lost it big time. I was laughing at the dummies bit.. Had no idea that was a pacifier, thanks for clueing us in.. HA. Funny. Oh I can't wait to find time to write the post explaining our exploration of implements. Lots of fun!! :0)

  6. I'm sure that was a big relief to finally find out the wedding wouldn't be at your house! This actually happened to my best friend. Her mother decided to remarry and with no notice at all insisted the reception be held at my friend's house and that she make the cake for the wedding too! Glad all is well and that the flu is gone. We had that too. Yucky.


    1. Hi Sara,

      Oh I am pretty sure Alex wanted to keep what sanity he has left and this would have just drove us both over the edge. But it does amaze me what family does.. Ugh. Yeah, the flu bug does make its way around, just super happy it left me untouched. :0)

  7. If my SIL lived in the neighborhood there'd be a lot of egg borrowing to discuss the inlaws. Hope the wedding drama settles down so you can enjoy the festivities.

    1. Hi Leah,

      Glad to hear we aren't the only ones going the egg route to gossip. :0) Thanks, the drama is now filtering through our daughter. Ugh. My hope is that after dealing with these two monsters she will decide NOT to be any kind of a drama queen when she becomes the bride. :0)

  8. Oh wow, sounds like a lot of chaos going on! I'm glad you two were able to have some "you" time and enjoy some fun together! :)