Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quick Check In...

"Why are we making two of everything if they are sharing their big day?"

"Because they each want to be unique and stand out in their own way."

"Then why don't they have separate weddings and be uniquely normal?"

"I vote you ask that question tonight at the family planning meeting."

"Seriously, this is getting silly!  We have to have two entry points because they can't both travel down the same way.  Plus, they can't agree on the same number of friends to stand up with them."

"Oh, you must be behind.. They are now color coding their friends and the over flow will help to seat and cover DJ and cake and camera duties."


"Oh yes, they are now fighting over the disposable camera solution so we may yet be on the hook to find a photographer, which is going to be fun since we have just over a week until the wedding."

"We had a photographer!! They fired the photographer together!  That was the only thing they have agreed upon this entire time!"

"Lori honey, you are preaching to the choir here... I was right there when they did it.  But now they both don't agree that disposable cameras will capture all the fine points of their wedding and the kids might get ahold of them and waste them. "

"So we watch the cameras and tell the kids up front to not touch them and let the adults take the pictures. We can't change course now, it's just too late for them to change their minds."

"Couldn't agree with you more... You going to tell them?"

"No.. I am calling Jay and electing him to tell them."

"Bet ya a glass of Merlot he calls Alex and makes him do it."

"Are we talking your good Merlot you have hidden downstairs or the cheap stuff in the rack in the kitchen?"

"Hey now, that is just... Oh fine, the good stuff."

"You are on!"

This was the conversation Lori and I had yesterday afternoon on the phone... I will be sitting down with a glass of her best Merlot this evening (she doesn't hide her good stuff like I do), as Alex had a REALLY bad headache last night after telling the ladies they must use disposable cameras and move on.  Easy bet for me...  :0)  

The wedding is March 8th and it IS in our backyard!!  I won't even get into the family drama that made that happen.  Needless to say I have been swamped busy the last few weeks trying to keep our schedules moving and not losing my mind with all the wedding drama.  We even had a groom faint dead away last weekend during one of our "family planning meetings".  Yes, this family is not for the faint of heart!  I seriously wanted to have a shirt made saying that and pass it out at the next meeting, but Alex said no.  Grrrrrrr.  He is just no fun!

The teenagers have a pool going (one they don't think we adults know about, aren't they just adorably cute and naive still...) on if one or both the grooms don't just make a run for it...  I would love to put money down on the odds of the fainter making a run for it, but I guess that would just be a bit wrong.. Sigh.

It has been a while since I posted so wanted to make a quick post to let the few that come by know I am still here.. Just crazy busy with this wedding drama.  I would love to report that the amount of drama and crazy has helped to keep me out of trouble...But sadly it would seem that I am not capable of staying out of trouble anymore.  I kept telling myself that it was a just a phase or the time of year was playing into things.. But I have now just come full circle that I am no longer capable of staying out of trouble and honestly I don't even care.  Maybe it is my age or just the point of life I am in...  Alex doesn't seem to be all that put out either and assures me no matter what I throw his way he will be able to handle.  I tried to tell him maybe he just needed a vacation and that he was just overly HOHy lately.. But neither of us really went with that theory.  I can feel a change in myself and can't really say what has made me want to push the boundaries more, but I am..  Not in a major way that is unsafe or damaging to our marriage or family.  But I am pushing... Sassy could be my middle name.  Plus having Lori and even Jay down the street has made me feel more like my younger self I think too.  I got into trouble the other week with Jay.. He is an HOH and led me astray, yup I blame him!!  (Are you falling for that? Yeah, Alex didn't either and Jay didn't look at all sorry about it.)

Ok, I am off to head home and to my lovely glass of wine with Lori...  I promise to post and let everyone know how the wedding ends up and maybe post about the trouble Jay got me into.  :0)


  1. Wow what a busy girl you have been! I've missed hearing about your adventures :-) Totally not fair for an hoh to lead you astray, either. Good luck staying sane and as drama free as possible until the weddings over (had anyone bought the brides to be paddles? Sounds like they could use them, lol)

    1. Hi River,

      I think Jay should have part of his HOH card revoked since he led me astray!! :0) It was all in fun. I personally think the grooms need sent to HOH boot camp or they will never know peace in their marriages. Both women are out of control!! Alex will be having a conversation with them tonight actually to motivate better behavior leading up to and on the day of the wedding. I wish him the best of luck... He will need it. (I think he should bring our paddle, I am more than happy to share it!!) :0)

  2. Oh Irish... your life sounds like mine sometimes. I know the feeling about pushing. Might I suggest that you are pushing, because you need the control? Your life is a mess right now. The wedding has taken over your house.. So you need some extra control. Keep smiling...

    1. Hi Dana!

      Alex called me after reading your comment and said... "See, I am not the only one thinking you need to feel some amount of control put back into place before you settle down." :0)

      Yes, I am a control freak and it is very telling at the moment that I feel WAY out of my element. Honestly, some of this pushing is making me feel more free... I am not saying that I don't want some settling down to happen, but I am not completely complaining either. If that makes any sense at all... :0)

  3. Dang did they manage to manipulate the situation so that the wedding ended up in your back yard?!? Fired the photographer? Good gravy...these two girls sound like spoiled brats! You and Lori might want to suggest to Alex and Jay that you require a spa holiday after the wedding! Good luck on surviving the wedding and the terrible twosome!


    1. Hi Cat,

      Spoiled doesn't even begin to explain these two women... I can hardly believe they grew up with the same parents as Jay and Alex!! Seriously, I think Alex and Jay are VERY close to becoming parental with them or at least have a serious chat with the grooms. I am all for a spa vacation and do feel that once we have survived the wedding we should all celebrate in some way. :0)

  4. Oh hi lucky :) wow crazy stuff lol I'm sorry I know you're stressed but I couldn't help but giggle a little bit ;) I hope all your plans come together and and none of the grooms do run or faint and the pics work out too :)

    I can just imagine you getting in trouble the way you do, especially with a life long friend and a fellow dd wife as a mil, at least it sounds like it was fun that got your in trouble.

    Well I wish you lots of luck with the wedding, and hope you don't get in too much trouble lol

    Hugs and thanks for the update x

    1. Hi Missy,

      I am happy you got a laugh... I am sure years from now we will be able to look back and have some laughs. But it will more than likely take YEARS to find some of this funny. Ugh. Lets just say that we have consumed a large amount of wine and done lots of tongue biting in the last few weeks. Alex's mother has gone to bed early and won't make eye contact with either daughter at this point and his dad is due to arrive tonight and he is not happy either. The men will be sitting down with the brides tonight to discuss the wedding and how things will go these last few days and this weekend. Cross your fingers the meeting goes well and we have two new and improved brides to be waiting for us on Tuesday evening at the next family planning meeting. I will NOT miss these nightly planning meetings once this is all done... Ugh and double ugh!! :0)

      As for not getting into too much trouble... Well, I am just going to say that Alex is not bored at all right now. Our grocery shopping trips could fill my blog for a year alone. Wink... We are still working on shopping in harmony. :0)

  5. Oh my goodness. Despite all this, I hope the weddings are an absolute blast and that you can all laugh about this someday.

    We've had to have some conversations through the years about how my husband's actions with his family can be detrimental to our immediate family, especially if they are contrary to my job as a mother and wife. I can only imagine if they lived in town.

    I hope you get some relaxation soon!

    1. Hi Leah,

      I hope you are right and one day we can all look back at this wedding drama and have some laughs. These two women are truly out of control and need to be taken in hand. Poor Alex has apologized several times to me and the kids for what this wedding is doing to us and we finally told him it wasn't for him to apologize. It's not his fault his sisters have chosen to take advantage of their family and in this case friends as well. Very sad actually the mess they are making.

      Relaxation sounds WONDERFUL!! I am waiting patiently for it... :0)

  6. Soooooooooooo does this mean with all this stress that Alex isn't grocery shopping with you for the time being? Because if he is going with you- well that is like shooting fish in a barrel and I call 'no fair'!

    Look at it this way, at least you will have plenty of material to write about given your current situation. LOL.
    Good luck!
    love willie

    1. Hi Wilma,

      See Alex... She agrees, it's not fair!!! I think we have enough stress going on we should eliminate stress where we can and this would be a GREAT place to start... :0)

      We are still shopping together and he still has zero concept of grocery shopping cart zones or the harmony that comes with keeping food organized while loading and unloading. His idea of making the trip back and forth to and from the car shouldn't include throwing your back out due to the amount of groceries being carried should be a factor.. I say it should be seen as a challenge of how much you can get done in the least amount of trips. Strategy.. skill and organization are key! :0)

      We had a bit of a food fight, some tossing of boxed goods.. A few swats and a OTK session later we got everything put away. But seriously, I think a vote should be held on continuing this shopping together thing. I mean maybe once a month would be good right? Why every weekend? Give a woman a break for three weekends out of month... Or at least try the zone concept for three out of four weekends. :0)

      Yeah, no chance at a lack of writing material any time soon! No worries.