Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Hiding Out

I have taken the rest of the week off from work to get the last few details for the wedding(s) this weekend settled.  I am not sure just how many people will be walking down that aisle on Saturday evening at this point, but am hoping that all this mess will see at least one couple hitched at the end.   I am surprised and happy that I didn't place any bets on the grooms, as the fainter looks to be the one holding up at this point and rumor has it he took his bride to be aside and "had words" with her.  So we have one couple that is not making waves this week at least, but no such luck on the other set.

But now that I have the time off.. Well I am hiding out.  :0)  I am just sooooo done with it all at the moment.  I am done with drama... We have had too much drama in the last few months with moving and helping Jay and Lori move so then to add this wedding madness has just put me over the edge.  I am trying to be a good sport about it all, Alex did put up a really good fight but was unable to keep the wedding from invading us.  His family really does look to him as the older sibling and his dad's health is not good at all... So he feels a lot of pressure to take care of everyone.  Trying to keep that in mind and really trying to make things easy for him at home....Wow, it's just got me really TIRED.

Now let me be really clear... When I say make things easy for him at home, I am talking about running of the house and keeping the kids schedules going...  He really hasn't had to step in on anything for the last few weeks in that regard.  Between the two of us... Well that is different.  It would seem every time we are alone together lately we end up "discussing" something.  Seriously, we can't have a conversation that I don't end up over his knee by the end.  I know that I am pushing him and right now it would be REALLY nice if I could NOT push at him.  Why can't I just stop???  I have been asking myself that exact question for weeks now... I mean WEEKS!!!  Ugh.   Makes me seem like a horrible wife, seeing all the other things he must deal with and I can't seem to pull it together for him.  So I am sitting her feeling horrible about the wedding.. horrible about my attitude and well... just sorta horrible in general.  Grrrrrrr.  

I think we just need a vacation.. The two of us alone for a few days to regroup and get back on track alone without all the other stresses.  I know if we can just make it past Saturday we will be just fine and we will bounce back.  Anyone have a time machine I can borrow and speed this week up so we can be done??  :0)


  1. You guys are under a lot of stress/pressure right now with the upcoming
    wedding. My guess is that when it is over with you will both give a big
    sigh of relief. It would be great if you could go away together though. We
    definitely enjoyed our trip even though we weren't alone we did have our
    own bedroom at night which was great. Hope this week whizzes by for you
    and that the wedding goes off smoothly in spite of the glitches!


  2. I'm sending a virtual bottle of Calgon your way. Share some with Alex. I hope the rest of the week is calm and that you are able to have a fantastic time at the wedding. If the brides misbehave, let loose on the dance floor so that everyone is talking about the crazy lady at their wedding.

  3. Ahhhh... I would suspect you are pushing because the stress is out of the roof. I imagine he would rather you end up over his knee instead of throttling one of his siblings? When stress reaches epic levels, so does my need for stress relief. Be kind to yourself, it looks like you are doing the best you can in a pretty tough situation.

  4. No it isn't right, but it is natural. I find when poison darts are coming at me from all direction and both of us are dodging them, for some unknown reason I feel the need to pick a wayward one up off of the ground- and drive it into Barney's leg.

    So let's think about this a different way shall we? Yes, Alex is under a great deal of stress, but YOU are giving him an outlet for it? You jab the dart in his leg, and he spanks the snot of of you! Win, win...LOL

    I'm sorry you are feeling overwhelmed. I even sorrier that you are adding guilt to all of your stress. I have no advice, other than to apologize to Alex and tell him that you don't know why you are handling the stresses the way you are.. I'm fairly certain you have already done that. And I'm fairly certain, he understands to some degree. After all he's not NEW 'here'.

    Best of Luck and focus on the light at the end of the tunnel......SUNDAY!

  5. Oh, goodness! Glad you are hiding out and off work until this thing is over. Better to end up over his knee than stressed out and feeling alone I guess. Good luck, can't wait to hear how it turns out!

  6. Happy to hear that at least the one bride has settled down...still say both need a 'barn burner'!

    Now remember...countdown has begun...just breathe...this too shall pass. I think that late Saturday night will find you and Alex cuddling in each others arms with a big sigh of relief.

    Sending lots of positive energy your way!


  7. Hey Honey :)

    I'm so sorry it's all so stressful for you guys. As glad as I am about at least one bride calming down, the other must be dealt with too. Honey these aren't small chirldren, and I think they are acting very spoilt. You shouldn't be feeling any guilt towards anything. Alex can handle it, his a big boy, and your attitude is understandable. You're being back up in to the corner, and you're just pushing back, and he's showing you he's there.

    Please take it easy on yourself. I'll be counting the time down with you, and pray everything goes to plan, but either way just keep thinking a few more days, and then it's over, and you should get that rest, and time off, somewhere deserted, with just your guy.

    I'm thinking of you x

  8. Bah, it all sounds overwhelming. Three more days till Sunday.

    I do have a time machine out in the back yard beside my money tree. Now...if only they would thaw out.

  9. Aw, you really are under so much stress! It sounds so overwhelming. It'll all be done soon, and then hopefully you two can enjoy some time with each other!