Thursday, April 3, 2014

Oh the drama of it all....

I have decided that with the size of my family and the amount of drama that surrounds us all.. I could probably either write a soap opera script or a novel with very little problem... I would never run out of material, that is for sure!! 

On March 8th at 6:15 pm Laci walked down a path laced with white silk and gold accents towards her future husband Matt. She had a huge smile and love in her eyes as she made her way to him. Her husband to be watched her walk towards him with a huge goofy smile and his mother on stand by with smelling salts.  I am happy to report he made it through the entire ceremony and celebration on his feet and without fainting!  (The man fainted twice prior to the big day, so we had plans and back up plans in place just in case...)

Now I have all of you scratching your heads wondering where our second bride was right?

Well, she walked down a very different aisle a week later in Vegas.  Elvis was there and it was very fun, just a few of us in attendance and a great way to let go after all the stress of these two weddings.  Kenzie was happy and after it was all over she said that if she could go back two years, she would have eloped instead of trying to plan the perfect wedding.  Gary (her husband) was the happiest I have ever seen him and he seemed to actually keep Kenzie happy and out of trouble all weekend.  Kenzie was our monster bride and always the joy of any family gathering.  :0)  We love her, but a little bit of her goes a VERY long way if you know what I mean.

Ok, so now you know both ended up married.... But now you probably want to know why the change in the last hours before the big day right?  (Yes, I know you all are the curious types.) Just a bit more family drama, but nothing that didn't get resolved in the same night.  But both couples felt that since strong feelings were at large over them sharing a wedding day (mixture of both families) and knowing all the chaos that had already ensued they both agreed on walking down different aisles.  Honestly I felt bad for both couples at this point, as we had gotten so close to the big day and all this went down during the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.  Ugh.   Too many families in the mix and too many judging their decisions for them to have any chance of making everyone happy.

Basically to sum it up..  Gary and Kenzie will be welcoming their first (of hopefully many) child in October, so she was getting married while pregnant.  (Yes, big gasp from the parents on both sides that didn't know.) She and Gary have been engaged for two years and did zero planning for the wedding until January of this year... In comes Laci who has known her man for three months, turned 30 last year and feels her biological clock ticking away and wants to get hitched ASAP and start her family.  Laci went to Kenzie and promised to make the wedding a success if they share the expense and still have it on March 8th.  So then a few weeks later I get my phone call about having the wedding in my backyard and well you have a picture of how all this started.

Only... Kenzie didn't tell Laci or anyone else for that matter that she was pregnant, she was hoping to spring that on everyone after the wedding.  She confessed that she knew people would be upset and that she didn't want her wedding overshadowed by the news of the pregnancy since it wasn't going to go over well when the math of conception was done. What she didn't count on was getting sick during the rehearsal dinner and wearing the wrong outfit that shows she has a little baby bump...  I am sure talking amongst the families behind the scenes had been going on for the past few months, but it all came to a head during the very ill fated dinner.

Since Laci put her heart and soul into the wedding plans and in my humble opinion..ticked off less people she kept the March 8th wedding.  The Vegas wedding was a miracle that took several family members and friends pulling strings to pull off.  Alex, Jay and Tony should be given medals for pulling it off as they pushed, finagled and probably a bunch of begging  was done to get it to all worked out and in such a short time.  They are really SUPER brothers!!!

I will just leave it at that and tell you where I have been since our return from Vegas.....

My man took me island hopping!!!  We hit all the major islands and filled our days with snorkeling, eating, fishing, eating, swimming and playing in the surf, eating, sailing, eating and just having a blast.  (You notice the amount of eating we did?  Diet starts on Monday.)

I have been MIA for almost a month, so am super excited to read some blogs and get caught up.  Plus I will start writing more about some interesting conversations and fun (adult type) we had in Hawaii.


  1. So very happy for you that the weddings are over and you were rewarded with such a lovely holiday. Looking forward to reading about those interesting conversations and fun you had in Hawaii. ;)


    1. Hi Cat,

      Thanks! So happy to have those weddings in the rear view mirror too. We only have one more of Alex's siblings that haven't walked down the aisle yet...But Tony is only 21 and has never had a serious relationship yet. So I think it will be a while before we have anymore weddings to worry about. Thank goodness!

  2. How exciting to have gone to Hawaii! I have always wanted to go there. We almost moved there but SM decided not to since it would take us so far from our families and we wouldn't get to see them much because of the air fare.

    Glad your wedding drama/stress is over and what a wonderful way to let all that
    stress go. Happy for the new brides and husbands. Congrats to them :)

    sara :)

    1. Hi Sara,

      This was my first time in Hawaii and wow, I fell in love with it... I would love to live there, but don't think I would ever get any work done with all the fun out doors there. Plus the amount of food we ate... Ugh! I would be a whale for sure. :0)