Friday, April 4, 2014

Vegas Baby!!

I was chatting with Lori last night and she wanted to know why I wasn't going to blog about our Vegas adventures... Of course we had several "adventures", as usually when she and I are together long enough it just HAPPENS.  :0)  She laughed and said to feel free to share her run in with security at the airport, she didn't think Jay would mind sharing that particular "adventure".   He is still reading blogs that Lori brings to him, but he doesn't venture out and read them on his own.. At least that we know of anyway. But she is still hoping to one day blog herself, so until then this one is for you Lori!!

Living so close to Vegas, we have been there numerous times over the last several years but this was our first wedding there.  The guys headed over to Vegas on the Tuesday following the March 8th wedding to get everything setup.  I went back to work with the intent of joining Alex on Friday and spending the weekend in Vegas and getting home late Sunday.  Both our kids already had prior plans and we were not big on the idea of taking them to Vegas, so they were given a very BIG opportunity to stay home by themselves.  Jay and Lori decided to let their older kids take charge for the weekend as well and left them in charge with a list of rules longer than ours for them to follow.  I only know this because the list was texted to Kaylee by her cousin and she gave me a big hug and thanked me for making their list short and sweet.

On Thursday I got a call from Alex asking me to request the next two weeks off work and I wasn't allowed to ask why...

"It is a surprise that is much needed, so put in the request and don't ask any questions woman!"

So with a VERY huge smile I went and begged my boss for the next two weeks off and he (bless his heart) gave them to me and told me to have fun.  My entire team up at work could hear all the wedding details coming via phone calls and text messages for weeks, so they starting asking for daily updates.  I swear we started having cooler chats every morning so they could get the latest updates and they even started pools on the fainter.  I have to admit that I love the people I work with, they are like my second family as we have almost a decade of working together.

Lori and I were booked on a flight to Vegas together early Friday morning, so after getting all the kids  off to school and laying down the law one last time with the older kids...We were on our way....

Or trying to get on our way!

The shuttle was twenty minutes late picking us up and we were stuffed into an already full back seat.  This is one of those times where I wish everyone would make personal hygiene a top priority... ICK!

So by the time we reached the airport (an hour trip from our houses) we were ready to breath in some fresh air and get the show on the road.  We only had carry on so we were able to skip that hassle and we had pre-checked in online before going so we were going directly to our gate.... We were only 10 minutes from our take off time, but first we had to get through security.  Well now I don't think either of us look suspicious in any way shape or form, but Lori got pulled to the side and patted down.  She looked to be taking it well, so I went over and gathered my things and found a chair to put myself back together.  I was in the process of putting my shoes back on when I heard Lori's raised voice exclaim that her perfume was very expensive and she measured the amount of liquid to follow the rules.  She was full on reciting the liquid carrying rules to the security lady (who didn't look very impressed) when a second security guy started over in their direction.  I grabbed my bags and went over to offer Lori my support, much against the wishes of the security group that was now around Lori and all smelling her perfume.. Yes, they were literally passing the dang container around and smelling her perfume.. I am trying hard to remember what fragrance it was, but for the life of me can't recall at the moment.  But I was informed that it was very good perfume and cost and arm and a leg and it took her months to save up for the bottle.

We must have been called in as a "situation" at some point, as a golf cart full of MORE security people showed up and Lori and I were asked to relocate to their security head quarters to further discuss our options.  Oh goody, because missing our flight was not fun enough!!   After another hour of explaining over and over that she felt she had followed the rules (demanded them to measure the liquid) we were given the option of them tossing the perfume and letting us proceed to our gate (but at this point we had missed our flight...HELLO!)  or we could call some one to pick up the perfume or they could hold the perfume for Lori to pick up on her return.  Well that got Lori to explaining that we lived a good hour away and we were going to Vegas for a wedding and THEY had made us miss our flight and what were they going to do to fix that!

I felt maybe it was time to call Alex, who immediately told Jay and Lori's cell phone went off minutes later...  Only security still had her cell phone and so then I had to tell them it was her husband calling and they REALLY should let her speak to him.  The head security guy all but ran to get her the phone at that announcement and within minutes it paid off.  Lori was told in no uncertain terms that Jay didn't care how expensive the perfume was but to leave it and find the next flight to Vegas and get on it before security banned her from the airport.  I am not certain if the head of security just wanted us out of his airport or he was just scared of our next move, as he not only got us to the right desk to get another flight but took us to our gate and put us (literally walked us on the plane!!) on our flight.  I called Alex right before take off and told him our new flight details and that we were about to take off.  I could hear Jay in the background, it was really NOT going to be a good day for Lori once he got ahold of her.

She was in a panic by the time we landed, as I think after her anger wore off she realized what she had done.  This is very out of character for her, I am the vocal one and she is usually the voice of reason.  I really think the stress of moving and the weddings had taken a toll on all of us.  So I was ready to make a case for Lori to Jay as soon as we were out of the aircraft and walking down the corridor of the airport with our men at the other end waiting for us.. (Well Alex was standing and waiting patiently but Jay was pacing.)  Only as soon as I got close enough Alex hugged me and lead me away and said to let them have a few minutes alone.  He could tell I was really worried so he squeezed me and said to let them work it out.  Then he tickled me and said he was happy I didn't like perfume... Well that made me laugh and it made me feel better as we walked ahead to get the car.

Lori had red eyes when we picked them up but she and Jay both had smiles on their faces and nothing further was said ... For a bit, because then it became the running joke during the course of the weekend and will more than likely follow Lori around for a time knowing this family.  The good news is that we drove home with the guys, so no more security checks were in our near future. :0)

P.S. - Lori took a basket of candy and fruit to the airport a few days after our return and personally thanked everyone and apologized for the incident... They actually still had her perfume and some of the ladies owned up to using a bit of it..  She told them to keep it and enjoy!

Lori, you are one classy lady!  :0)


  1. LOL You and Lori are soooo lucky that security didn't escort you two from the airport! I used to travel every week for my job and had more than one run-in with security. ;)

    Oh and's what gets everyone in trouble...the rule is a 3 ounce container not 3 ounces in a container. So even if you only had 1 ounce in a 6 ounce container, you would not be allowed to take it. LOL

    Happy everything turned out for you.


    1. Hi Cat,

      Oh my goodness, we have been told horror stories about all the things security could have done to us.. Wow, we are super lucky!! So the container size is important too... Well now that was more than likely our problem. I will share this with Lori, but I think she is swearing off traveling with perfume now. :0)

      Thanks so much for stopping by! :0)

  2. Poor Lori,
    Sometimes its really hard to keep your cool when you are sure you're right and something unfair is happening. From three sounds of it though, she will probably think twice in the future before arguing with public authority figures. Can you tell us about your other adventures, and how did the kids do while you were away?

    1. Hi River,

      Yeah, no more fussing with security folks that is for sure! :0) Lori is asking Jay if she can write up one of our other experiences and post it here.. Cross your fingers, as that would be HUGE for her. If not I will post about the kids and the PARTY they had at our house while we were away. They are both grounded still and will be for another week. Sigh... Big time NOT good. :0(

    2. Oh, I do hope Jay lets her post here! Silly kids, I was watching tv today and a dad said to his son "you are a teenager, it's your job to do stupid things and my job to make sure you learn never to do them again". It's a bit simplistic, but not untrue :-) Letshope they learn their lesson!