Monday, November 23, 2015

Let's talk Turkey....

Me: "Last year was so much easier without the double turkey scenario and less work for the women."

Alex:"How is having two turkey's complicated and we take care of the second one so no extra effort for the women."

Me:"Um... If it would end with the turkey being your only victim, I agree it would be simple."

Alex:"Seriously?  Jay gave you his best scouts honor that we would stick to turkey."

Me:"Jay was never a scout.  Now you on the other hand...."

Alex:"What if we promise to clean up after our mess?"

Once I stopped laughing, which took a while because the dictionary should really hold two meanings of the word "clean".  

Men's clean:  A lick and a prayer that his wife doesn't look too close.

Women's clean: Using various soaps and scrubs to remove all traces of anything that doesn't belong until it sparkles.

Last year at this time Lori and I were able to get the men to agree to a one turkey holiday and it was the easiest clean up ever!  We didn't have to restock any pantries or hide anything we thought would make it to the fryer they setup in the back.  But not this year, I am already helping with the divert and maneuver plan Lori is putting in place.  Between her Mom and mine we should be able to keep most of the pantry safe but word is they are planning to spring an extra bird on us.  We are bringing in the big guns for that one, Aunt Peggy is coming to town and she can stop anyone of these large guys with a look.  Bless her heart, she is 87 years young and feistier than all of these guys put together. Aunt Peggy is Alex's late father's older sister and she has decided to come west and straighten out the mess from earlier this year.   I can't wait for her to get here honestly, she and I have always gotten on so well.  Plus it is just so fun to watch these huge men completely back up when she corners them and puts them in their places.

Guess what... I am a Grandma!  No, not exactly what you are thinking...  :0)

Meet little Bo, he is only 8 weeks old and just loves to cuddle and play in my pillows all day long.  Kyle got him through a friend and was originally just going to help find him a forever home, but guess who fell in love with him????  Alex!  Yes, mister grumpy no dogs or anything else with more legs than me can't stay in this house...  So Kyle took that as a good sign and is keeping him and I am watching him during the day while Kyle is at work.   It's working out really well, my dog Jack has taken him through the dog door several times so he knows where it is, just hasn't connected the dots on doing his business outside yet. 

Just a quick pop in to say hi and show off my new little joy!  I will be posting about my parents and the construction project that is never going to end later this week.. :0)


  1. ROFL Lucky...would love to be a fly on the wall when Aunt Peggy arrives. Of course, would love to be a fly on the wall around your crew anyway. Thanks for sharing the pics of the new addition to your family. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. Hi Cat,

      Aunt Peggy is just too much fun! She is here for the rest of this week, so we are spending as much time with her as we can. :0)