Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Have you ever asked to be spanked?

I am a complete water snob!  There, I am out.. I have confessed to my water snobbery..  I have water delivered, have had since I got pregnant with my son.  I don't trust the city water and I know that not all water bottled is a good thing either, but I trust this company.  The new house we are moving into has a super techie water filter on the entire house and a private well, so no more water jugs!  The jugs are 5 gallons and the water unit is pretty tall, so you have to lift the jugs and turn them over just right or water is on the walls...floors.. you.  It can be a mess.  I had an accident earlier this year and my back will just never be the same, so I was outlawed from touching the jugs.  If one needs to be changed it is my son or Alex and no one else is to mess with them.  The last two times that I have messed with the water jugs I was super stressed out.  I have a lot going on with my new position at work, selling our home and getting ready to move into our new home.  Plus the lovely daily adventures that teenagers bring to life and our monster puppy that eats anything that can't out run him.  I just have had a lot going on... So when I came home the other night and I couldn't get my nice cold glass of water because the jug was out.... Grrrrrrr and double grrrrrrrr!  I am getting that water one way or another it WILL be mine.

I softly announced we are out of water and could one of the strong men of the house please come fix the situation. (Oh fine, I bellowed we are out of water and was some one going to fix it before I did it myself!)  My only response was my daughter yelling down that the guys were not home and could I keep it down she is on a very important call and her friend is crying so she needed her full attention. Well then by all means honey girl go on back to your teenage drama cause I am about to create a full  on adult drama of my very own thank you very much.

The one on the right is almost the exact one we have... 

I went to the closet we keep the jugs.. I rolled one over to the kitchen and up to the dispenser and went to remove the empty.  It's almost like the jug was trying to help me out.. Seriously it wouldn't come off! Maybe the jug thought if I was given more time to rethink this situation I would come to my senses and all would turn out well. Poor sweet water jug...I was just way past coming to my senses at this point, I was going to have my victory... Oh yes, I was.  I finally got the jug off and made a decent mess with it, so I took it to the closet and grabbed a dish rag to clean up.  Now if I was thinking more clearly I would have waited to clean after I got the other jug on because there is just no way I am going to not make a mess doing this. Alright we are dry (yes we, the dispenser is in this with me now), the floor is dry and I am prying the lid off the new water jug.  Just as I am bending down to lift the water jug I hear a gasp from behind me... My daughter must have wrapped up the teenage drama and was now wondering into my adult drama and she didn't want any part of mine.  She said as much and ran back up the stairs to be sure she had the distance to stay out of trouble.  (Well fine you little trader, just wait until you want another pair of designer shoes!!!)


I got the jug on... Water was literally dripping from my arms, but it was on the dispenser and I did it!! HA!! Victory is mine....And that was the front door that just shut and here comes the guys.  I just have to marvel at how my husband always shows up just in time to catch me in the act.  My parents don't know a third of the junk I got into as a child, because they didn't have the knack of timing like Alex.  That is my theory anyway.

I have had several people ask me if I have ever asked Alex to spank me, for stress release or guilt. I can honestly say I have never verbally asked him to spank me.  Have I gotten him to spank me to release stress or guilt? Well, I had never thought about spanking as anything but a punishment until recently.  This water jug incident just happen last Friday so this question made me stop and really think.. I have never verbally asked for a spanking but I sure as heck have made sure I got one.  Sigh.  

Alex and I had our re-connection meeting on Sunday and we talked about this question and what I had concluded from the Friday incident. He agrees, I haven't lost my mind but I definitely need to lower my stress and if that means asking for help or him keeping me closer for a while it needs to happen.  I think in the end we agreed to both, but I am just happy he is going to keep a closer eye on me, as I am not sure I have the guts to ask for a trip over his knee..  Now if it was for a fun spanking.....  Totally different answer!


  1. Well I guess you found your way...however you could have really hurt yourself again. Question why didn't your daughter and you do it together?

    Anyway why not have some sort of 'thing' you can put out when you think you are starting to slide into stressville? It might be a tad easier than brining him a paddle.

  2. Hi Wilma,

    I am having a hard time with this back thing, I have always been very active and strong enough to not need help that often. Ugh. This asking for help is hard for me...But I am working on it. Had I not been in the grrrrrr state of mind I might have dragged my daughter into it with me... But sad to say it was me versus the water world at that point. I was that far gone.

    You have a really good idea...I sign of some sort to tell Alex I am losing it. Hmmmm. We will have to noodle that a bit, that could help! 😀

    Thanks so much for coming by!

  3. Oh I know that feeling well...the get out of the way world, feeling. I am going to do this no matter what. And yeah I usually end up getting hurt a great percentage of the time now. Grrrr.
    I know Alex might thing it is semantics because you really do still have to "put out the porcelain penquin" or whatever to ask for the spanking so it may still seem like asking. Consider it a baby step towards verbally being able to ask . ORRRRRRRRRRRRR maybe, just maybe more r/a would....ooops *wink*

    1. Oh my goodness, we finally had our first funny (and then steamy hot) r/a!! I thought we were r/a challenged but I think we see a light at the end of that tunnel!! That was two weeks ago and this last one was more business but stayed r/a and not punishment, so we are on a roll.:0)

      Gulp, you might be on to something with the more r/a stuff...

  4. Hey Irish Lucky,
    Just have to say: been there, done that, will most likely be there again! It is one thing (in my mind anyway) to choose to have our mates in control and allow them the pleasure of chivalrously doing things for us. It is a whole other deal when life tries to squelch our independence! I think we DDers must be naturally naughty, because from what I hear and from my personal experience, when life throws us a challenge we do our damndest to rise above and say "In your face, life!" Good luck with the whole thing, I admire your spunk even if you weren't as careful as you should have been ;P

    1. I think our husbands would be bored if we were not naturally naughty! :0) At least that is my theory anyway. You are right on with the "In your face life"... That was totally what was going on. Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi. :0)

  5. Those jugs are heavy, even with a healthy back. Be careful!

    Maybe I'm not remembering, but no, I have not ever actually asked for a spanking. He says I have tell tale signs when I need one and he doesn't know it. His goal is to catch them before I act out and earn one. For us, regular, "just because it is time" spankings can help keep this in check.

    1. Hi Susie,
      I wont be going near a water jug for a VERY long time, Alex made sure of that. Sigh... I hate the wooden paddle and it has been out a LOT lately. Ugh. I think Alex has that same goal, he is watching me like a hawk at the moment. Which should bug me I am sure, but it just makes me all melty inside instead. :0)

  6. We have the same problem here. We have a well and our water tastes awful so we fill our own jugs (far cheaper than having them delivered.) The problem is that with SM being gone so much it often falls on me to fill them and replace them on the water tower. I pinch my sciatic nerve all the time by doing it. He will do it, but he just isn't home when I run out of water! There is no rule so far for me not to do it... probably there can't be anyway or I'd die of thirst! LOL

    As for asking for a spanking... I assume you mean by your actions? We all do that. Some of us also ask for it verbally. Sometimes I just want one or need one. It goes in cycles for me that way and then I don't want any at all and it is really hard to submit to one during those times. Maintenance is my friend/enemy! lol

    1. Hi Sara,

      Pinching of the sciatic nerve.. OWE! Then the pain shoots down your back into your bum and down the leg.. Ick. I hate back problems. I totally get you on the cycle thing, I felt ohhhhh so much better after Alex took care of me. So I know I needed it and would benefit from just asking when I know I need it.. But ick, when I get like that I don't want a spanking!! I want to win against life. Sigh. Friend/enemy is right!

      Thanks so much from coming by and saying hi! :0)

  7. Hi :)
    I have back problems too! They're the worst. You don't realize what all you *cant* do, until you can't do them anymore lol.
    I have asked, usually by text. That's the easiest thing.
    And I realized recently that I don't just ask for myself. I ask sometimes because I know he needs it too!
    Great post,
    Elle :)

    1. Hi Elle,

      Yes, I am still finding out daily more things I can't do anymore without pain. Grrrrrr... I am not good at stepping back yet and just asking for help or moving on to do something else. I am working on it.

      That is beyond awesome you ask when you know he needs it!! I have never thought about Alex needing to spank me, now I have something new to ponder on. Being his alpha self its hard to see the cracks, but now that you have got me thinking I can see how he acts differently after we "discuss" something. He seems.. bigger and definitely more hands on for a few hours. Hmmmm..

      Thanks so much for coming by and leaving me a comment! :0)

  8. I have once asked verbally for a spanking. You can read about it here. http://rethinkingthoughts99.blogspot.com/2013/08/sitting-gently.html
    It's hard for me to ask. But the result was good. :)
    As far as pushing the limits as a way of asking - hmmmm, still thinking that one over. :)

    1. Hi Sarah,

      You brave lady! I hope that some day I can take that step and just ask.. Right now per Wilma's advice I think a sign of some sort so I don't have to actually face him and say the words will probably work. But wow, it turned out really well for you, so I should put my big girl pants on and get a grip....Some day. :0)

      Thanks so much for coming by and leaving a comment!