Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lady Cave!

The warmth of the sun is perfect, not too hot just enough to warm the skin. The melody of crashing waves in the distance lulling me into relaxing and luring me into sleep.  Even the slight breeze dancing through my hair is not enough to annoy but to calm and sooth, as I start to fall into sleep....

"Mom, hey Mom.... You awake?"

"Mom is in her happy place, please back away slowly and quietly."

"Um, Okay sure..But do we have any chips?"

"Master closet, in my sock drawer."

"Seriously Mom, why are chips in your sock drawer?"

"Why do we have chips in the middle of the week... Oh yeah, Mom hid them in her sock drawer."

"Huh, nice Mom.. Thanks!"

Now where was I ... Oh yeah, there was warm sun... Waves crashing in the distances and a breeze dancing through my...

"Hun, where are my dress shoes?"

"Storage, first unit, left side marked with a blue sticker and labelled 'Dress Clothes'."

"Storage huh, okay no problem I am going by there tomorrow so can pick them up. Thanks baby, sweet dreams."

Grrrrrrrr... Pounding on some pillows and readjusting the angle just a bit.  Deep calming breath, I can do this.

Sun.. Check!
Waves... Yeah okay.. Check!

"Moooommmmmm, Shelly says she has permission to go to the party this weekend! I am like the only one not going to be there and that is just soooooo not good for my social life.  You gotta let me go!"

"Talk to your Father, Mom is out of service and trying to find her happy place."

"But Moooommmmm, I need you on my side when I talk to Dad!"

Alright, eyes wide open now and to heck with the blankets and semi comfortable pillows.

"Honey, I say this with pure Mommy love... There is no way on God's green earth you will be attending that party this weekend!  It is unsupervised, I know that family and the parents are out of town so don't even for a second think I don't know what will be at that party. You are too young and we love you to much to let you put yourself into that type of situation."

Now I am up and shuffling her towards the intercom.. "Family meeting... Living room.. Get a move on people!"

I put my hand up to silence the teenage rant and deploy my best 'Make My Day' look and Alex strolled in from the garage.  It only took him a second to read the Mommy/Daughter stand off and take charge.

"Kaylee did you just wake your Mother, you know she needs her rest?"

"But I saw you just talking to her and Kyle was just in there before you!"

Now he was starting to get a clear picture of why I now stood frazzled and no where NEAR my happy place in the middle of the living room.  Kyle strolled in carry a half eaten bag of chips, plopped down on my clean and crumb free sofa and did his best "What up people?"

I had a wonderful LOL day and had so much fun with all the blog hopping, but by midnight I was in the ER.  I spent most the morning and into the next day in the hospital with a very high fever and massive infection. The right side of my face was swollen, my teeth hurt... It was miserable!  I had gotten the sinus infection from hell!!  Ugh.  So I was sent home with lots of GOOD drugs and told to rest.  I am a very active person and it's hard for me to relax, let alone to a nap in the middle of the day.  So it was already a challenge to rest on Thursday, but to have constant interruptions.  Ugh.

Alex came and swooped me up and started for the stairs.. "Mom is officially off limits until further notice."

He tucked me into bed and got the heating pad for me to put on my face.  He stayed with me until I was finally asleep and then he went down and took care of the troops.  I am MUCH better this week and happy to report that Kaylee's social life has not been stunted and she had a great weekend decorating the new house.  I have a new hiding place for the chips, so Kyle has some hopes of having chips later this week.... The biggest surprise... Alex is making my very own lady cave in the new finished basement!!! Wow, my very own space where I am just me and not wife, mom or worker bee... My new cave should be done by Christmas!


  1. What a great post! And yay to the lady cave. When shall I expect my invite to the opening night party?

    Sorry about the sinus thing. I can handle just about anything but a sinus infection will send me over the edge.

    Good Boy Alex! * wink *

    1. Hi Wilma,

      Yes, this is my first experience having a sinus infection and I am hoping my last! Ugh and double ugh.. Horrible! Just swallowing these monster pills for 14 days is painful. But Alex has done a wonderful job taking care of me, so he gets a gold star. :0)

      Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi!

  2. So sorry you're under the weather! That's no fun :( I had a similar weekend, only for me it was an ovarian cyst that burst. Funny how teenagers act like the world will just completely END if they don't get what they want, but then, surprise! It doesn't :) Good luck on your rest and recovery, here's to a better week!

    1. Hi River,

      Oh my goodness... Ovarian cyst bursting doesn't sound good!! I hope you are MUCH better now..

      Yes, teenagers are all the drama... I seriously never have to watch television for drama, just ask a teenager how their day went and BOOM you get your dose of drama and more. :0)

      Feel better and rest too!!! Thanks so much from stopping by and saying hi..

  3. Lady Cave - sounds wonderful. Glad you are feeling better and that Alex took charge and allowed you to get the rest you needed.

    1. Hi Sunny,

      Thanks so much! Yes, Alex gets a gold star he has been amazing. :0) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi..

  4. Found you, Irish Lucky! It's so nice over here. Loved the post -- sorry to hear you weren't feeling well and glad you're doing better :)

    1. Hi Unnamed,

      HA! You did find me... Awesome and welcome to my little blog. Yes, I am MUCH better this week and actually feeling normal. It's nice to be able to breath out of both nostrils at the same time. :0)

      So glad you came by and said hi! Really looking forward to getting to know you better. :0)

  5. ROFL!!!

    This post is priceless. I was laughing from your first mention of chips in the sock drawer, and I didn't stop the whole way through. Thank you for visiting today! I've added you to my blogroll and will be back soon.

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

    1. Hi Anastasia,

      It is amazing the places I have to hide food so Kyle doesn't eat us out of everything by mid week. Normally it is just junk food I hide, but I did put some oranges in my medicine cabinet a few weeks ago. :0) I just don't know where this kid puts it all, he is super thin... but tall too.

      I am feeling soooo much better! Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi.. Oh and for adding me to your blog roll! :0)

  6. I'm jealous! The lady cave sounds awesome.

  7. Oh no! Please hurry and get well, is that possible while resting?

    I honestly thought the "lady cave" was something much naughtier when I read the title! lol :)