Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks... December was the month of moving!  We finished our move (FINALLY!) and got Jay and Lori moved and settled.  Everyone is in agreement that none of us want to move again anytime soon!  Just way too much work and frustrations, especially when you do it during the holidays.

I saw this and had to laugh, we pulled our puppy out of boxes just like this for weeks!

Our little monster puppy had tons of fun during the move, we are still finding packing peanuts and bubble wrap all over.  Now if we can just get him to use the new doggy door, we would be on a roll!

I would love to write that we had a easy set of holidays and I didn't get into any trouble..... Sigh.  I am willing to own up to one "discussion", I totally messed up (that is just another post all together)..  But I am still not settled about the other! Our wooden paddle hardly ever makes an appearance, yet it has come out twice in the last three weeks and is still sitting out as a reminder to settle down.  Grrrrrrr

Yes, I am in full on pout!

I have been given a deadline for ending my pouty mood and it is fast approaching.  My backside is really hoping I pull myself together, as I still feel the last round of the paddle.  Sad thing is... I absolutely know that it's on me what happens next, but I still just can't bring myself to drop the pout and move on.  Regardless of if I decide to put on my big girl panties and suck it up, he will take care of the situation.  So I think maybe that is why I am just stuck in this mode, that and the dust has settled on our busy holiday season and I think maybe that is making me a bit sad too.  It just might be a mixture of feelings, since we women don't tend to be simple in our emotions... EVER!  I have walked into our closet twice this morning hovering around our magnet that lets me signal I need his help... But have walked away without turning it.  Ugh.  That I went in there and am still thinking about it, probably means I need to just flip the dang thing and let him help this along.  Technically he has given me until tonight anyway, so if I flip it now it will just make things easier on both of us.  No more dancing around the issue, just a closer of emotions and moving on fresh.. Clean slate and clear minded.  

So after all this rambling you are probably wondering what we are not seeing eye to eye on...  First, I totally understand as HOH it is his call on what I get punished for and how.  But understanding and getting your emotions to always align with this agreement, is not always easy.  I am a pretty strong personality so I get into really hard headed moments very easily.  You would think knowing this... Better yet admitting this would be half the battle right???  I guess this might be a growth area to work on in 2014.

So I got pulled over for speeding in late October and was given a warning instead of a ticket.  No problem, I came clean told Alex right away and we discussed slowing down and paying attention to driving and not messing with the radio which is what I had been doing and didn't notice I was going a bit too fast.  Then they started road work right down the block from where I had been pulled over in October in the middle of November and they changed the speed limit and I didn't pay close enough attention and got pulled over yet again... I drove away with another warning and had every intention of telling Alex but then the move started and then Thanksgiving... So by the time I got pulled over a third time on that same dang road (I swear I am not driving that road again if at all possible!!) and having the officer actually right that I had been given warnings on two occasions in the last two months... Who does that?  I mean is is necessary to make a speeding ticket even worse by listing the amount of warnings too???  Plus it isn't even a speeding ticket, it states that I was wasting finite resources... What?  Ugh. 

  I would NEVER do this, but thought it was funny! 

We have been moving since mid November and making the trip back and forth from each house had me on this same road daily.. Most often a few times a day.  I am chalking it up to just really bad luck and a very busy time for me, so my mind was a bit scattered.  Was I speeding terribly.. Nope, only over by 7mph.  Was I a danger to others, I wouldn't say yes to that either.  Alex on the other hand had a very hard time understanding why I was not able to pay attention to the speed signs and why I failed to mention my second warning.  He made it very clear that had I mentioned the second one I would have gotten a sore bottom and maybe wouldn't have gotten the actual third pull over and ticket as my mind would been more focused.  

And that is where the rub is...  I didn't intentionally not tell him!  This getting pulled over on the same dang street three time in three months is just really BAD luck.  I mean in the past I have only been pulled over two other times and that was in my twenties!!!  This is the first time I was actually given a ticket too, the others were just warnings.  I thought he totally over reacted to this and that the wooden paddle was over kill.  I mean, he usually only resorts to the paddle for "major" discussions and I didn't rate this as being in that league.  He decided it was major due to safety reasons and not telling him about the second warning and wanted to ensure we didn't have a fourth incident.  I offered the theory of my not using that road anytime in the near future as a way of not having a fourth incident but he didn't seem to think that was a good solution.  Sigh.  

So I have had my pout on since last Friday night... Ick.. I am just ready to feel better and not have this distance between the two of us.  Grrrrr...  Ok, so I am going to go flip the darn magnet and wait for him to get home and end this.  Ugh.  

Then I am going to start blog hopping and get caught up!!!  

Happy 2014!!!!  


  1. Hey! Welcome 'back'!

    So well, let's see here. LOL. *Maybe* Alex decided the wooden paddle was not overkill because this is a road you travel on a lot and he wanted to make an impression? I mean maybe the not mentioning the second warning because you forgot wasn't the reason for it? It might have fueled his fire further, but the 'bottom' line (lol) is that perhaps it is an easy road to speed on and he wants you to remember to be more careful.
    I also understand that the focus of the actual amount over the limit is tempting, but so is the focus of the cost of a ticket right?
    I would imagine the biggest issue here is the fact that you said you weren't paying attention. Our husbands don't seem to like that fact when our safety is involved. The fact that you forgot to tell him, about the second warning might have also told him that you didn't find it important enough to remember, and therefore this could be an on going issue of you not paying attention?

    I am like you...touch wood, never a ticket or a warning- more luck probably than anything. Barney...well let's just say I want to lean over and push down on his leg sometimes when we are travelling! So don't take my comment as I am a granny behind the wheel!

    BUT I guess this is all over with now anyway! LOL. Hope you found what you were looking for. Flipping the magnet must have been a good way to face the right direction back.

    1. Hi Wilma,

      Happy New Year!!! :0)

      It's amazing how much better things look after a "discussion". His major points last night were on safety, so yes you were right...he was mad I wasn't paying attention and didn't see this as a big issue when he in fact thought it was BIG. Sigh. But we are all better now and I am sitting on a pillow hoping that tomorrow I can sit normally, since I have to start back to work again.. Ugh.

  2. It's so hard to flip the magnet so to speak! We don't have a clear signal like that... It's more of a whisper in his ear kind of thing later or I will say I need something... and enunciate the word so he catches on but I like the magnet idea. No words necessary. Of course with my luck he wouldn't notice the magnet and I would get all snippy and wind up getting a punishment spanking instead!

    No advice for you but glad to see you back on here again! I've missed reading your posts. Glad moving is all done for you too.


    1. Hi Sara,

      Happy New Year!!!

      I have missed this blogging community over the last several weeks, so very happy to be back. You are sooooo right, flipping that magnet is super hard. I am grateful we decided to do the magnet thing last year, but I still find it hard to flip. He did see the magnet, but we were past the "helping" stage and into the you are getting a punishment spanking... Sigh. Totally my fault, I have a mouth that doesn't know when to stop. But I think in the end it was what I needed, so I feel MUCH better today.

      I haven't had a chance to catch up on my reading, but am super excited to be back and ready to catch up with everyone... :0)

  3. Happy New Year! Sorry you've been in trouble and were feeling pouty. I hope that you're feeling better by now. Sometimes I've been frustrated by a spanking too, not feeling it was fair. But, then Michael and I discuss it (and I do mean actually talking) and usually once I understand where he was coming from, how he views it, then I feel better about it and can accept it. Often it's a case of us not seeing things the same way. But, when it comes down to it, he does have the final decision and sometimes I just have to accept that, hard as it may be. It helps that I know how much he loves me and that I know he's just looking out for me and wants the best for me. (((hugs)))

    1. Hi Grace,

      Happy New Year to you as well! :0)

      Glad to know I am not the only one that has this problem.. Sigh. It doesn't happen very often and usually I figure it out without going too much into pout mode... This time we needed a second round to clear it up, so we are much better now. My bottom not so much, but I happy and enjoying my last day of vacation before I have to start back to work tomorrow.
      Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi.. :0)