Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Water leaks, busted tires and wooden paddles...Oh my!

I am running late... I mean really late and I have too much left to get done before I run out the door that I have to start mentally reducing my list so I am not even later...  It was during my mental reality check that the sound was noticed..

splat, splat, splat...

Hmmmm.. Now I am thinking this can't be good as I put my curling iron down and start to investigate my splat noise.  Under the sink I find one of my organizers has a top full of water that is now over flowing into my cabinet... Splat, Splat and yup another splat.  Ugh.

Alright, no time to deal with this now so I can just turn the water off.  Only I don't see how the heck to turn it off at the sink itself so now I am thinking it will have to be at the house connection for now.  Maybe I should call Alex and see what he thinks... Nope, too late and he is busy no doubt trying to get away from work to meet me at the party.  So off to the side of the house and there...Water is off.  But wait.. you need to brush your teeth silly lady... Ooops.  Ok, water back on and into the house I go.  I can just put a plastic bowl under the sink and catch the water... If it fills fast I will turn the water off on my way out or if it is slow I can leave it for Alex.  Ok, I like the new plan and I have just lost another 15 minutes.. Dang!

Now I am running around like the crazy lady that I am... Into the kitchen to get the bowl and up the stairs I go mad dash into and through the bedroom and into the bathroom.  Bowl in place and ick I just spilled the water from the organizer into the cabinet...Sigh.  Now I need a towel and I quickly mop up the mess.  This is the point I start to mumble to myself, I started with water being a pain in the you know what and worked myself into a "THIS IS A NEW HOUSE THIS SHOULDN'T HAPPEN TO ME" rant.  This lasted through the rest of my curling and into the start of my make up getting put on... But I had to tame it down a bit when it came to eye make up, because that is something you don't want to mess up right!  :0)   So I calm it down a bit and finish up with my make up and start the struggle to get my boots on and get myself out the door.  The puppy decides then is a good time to play, because Mom is doing the on foot hop thing she does in her closet... So now it takes me twice as long to get my boots on and limit the amount of puppy drool on my boots.  I just walk out of the closet when my phone goes off and I make the mad dash to answer it, as it is Alex's ring tone..

"Hello and yes I am late, but will be leaving in just a minute and will be there soon!"

"Well hello to you too!  Why are you out of breath? Is everything ok?"

"I ran for the phone and I am late and yes everything is fine other than I am late!"

"Babe, you need to calm down.  You are late, but it's fine and you will get here when you get here so just sit down and breath for a few minutes. In fact sit down have a glass of wine and I will come get you so we are in one car coming home tonight."

"What? No, that is silly!  You are already there and I am leaving now so just save me a glass of wine there and I will see you in a few."

<Click>  Yes, I hung up!   (I really should schedule an MRI on my head, because it NEVER ends well when I hang up like that... Yet I keep doing it!!)

I toss my phone in my purse and start the mad dash down the stairs, through the house and out of front door...

Oh dang...The water!  I forgot to check... Oh well I am outside already so I will just turn the water off at the house again and call it good.  So over to the side of the house I go and turn off the water and then run back to my car and off I go...  I get half way there only to have Alex coming in the other direction and motioning for me to turn around and follow him back.  Grrrrrrrr.. What is that man doing????  So now I am looking for a place to turn around and I am getting really upset that I am now going to be even more late!  I hit the curb with my right front tire while doing my flip around and I wasn't exactly going very slow...  So I am back to my rant mode and have worked myself up pretty good by the time I pull back into the drive way.  But the man standing in the drive way with his hands on his hips and his best "You are soooo in trouble woman" look was enough to keep my little rant to myself.

So I pull in and get out with my best innocent look...

"Hey babe, what are we doing?"

"We are going inside to finish this chat and then we will go to the party together."


With that he takes me by the arm and ...


We turn together and watch my front tire lose all its air.  I swear my heart stopped!

Alex went over to inspect the tire and saw the marks from me hitting the curb a few minutes before.  He stood up grabbed my arm again and marched us into the house.  I was finally finding my voice so started to babble about curbs coming out of nowhere when he held up his hand, covered in black from looking at the tire and said he wasn't ready to talk yet.  This is NEVER a good sign!  So I watched as he walked over to the kitchen sink and went to flip the water on....only no water came out.  Oh dang and double dang.

"Um, honey..."

Alex is now under the sink looking at the pipes and scratching his head.

"Um, I sort of had an issue upstairs so I turned the water off."

That got his attention... I spent the next several minutes explaining about the leak in the bathroom upstairs and why I shut the water off (twice) and that I meant to simply leave the bowl under the sink and not turn off the water but I was late and had to turn it off and go...

"Was this before or after I told you to sit down and wait for me to come get you only to have you tell me no and hang up on me?"

I am sooooo DEAD!!!

"Well that discovery of the leak and the first turning off the water was before, but the last turning off was after.  I didn't mean to say no and hang up, I was late and I just didn't think you should come all the way here only to turn around and go back."

"Was that your decision or mine to make?"


"Go to our room and wait for me"

My legs weren't very steady under me going up the stairs and my boots felt like they were full of lead. I was suppose to be at a Christmas party with friends and having fun, not going upstairs to wait for Alex to come up and no doubt grab the wooden paddle.... So NOT the night I had planned!  I didn't know what to do, so I went and sat on the end of the bed and waited for Alex.  By the time he came upstair I had tears rolling down my face and I felt horrible.  I didn't just kill my night, but his night too.  Why did I have to freak out over being late and let crazy lady take over?  Ugh.  On top of that poor Alex had to sit and hold me so I could calm down and stop crying so we could even start talking about what had happen.  Sigh.

We did get to the discussion part and he absolutely pulled the wooden paddle out.  OUCH!  It really hurt and I promised he wouldn't need to pull it out again any time soon.... Only two weeks later I would get a speeding ticket and end up over his knee with that dreaded paddle yet again... Ugh and double ugh.. But I didn't know that at the time, so was very sure I was going on the straight and narrow to avoid another paddle encounter!  Well you know what they say about good intentions... Grrrrrr.

So now you know why the wooden paddle made two appearances in a matter of weeks... Actually it is still sitting out in our closet so I see the darn thing every time I go in there... Ugh.  But after this last weekend I am FOR SURE on the straight and narrow!!!  (Wink, until next time!)


  1. Hey Lucky :)

    Ok all that, could have totally been me. I'm always late and always stressing over being late. And curbing a car, is unfortunately my speciality :(

    Sorry you got in trouble, but I hope you had fun once you got to your party :)

    Hugs x

    1. Hi Missy,

      We never made it to that party... Sigh. So you have curbed your car too? Now I feel better! :0)

  2. Oh dear. We had the same stupid sink thing happen and it is terribly annoying. Talk about a spiral to a spanking. I know they just want us to tell them what is going on when they ask, but lol...sometimes we do think we can take care of everything ourselves...till the tire deflates. Here's to a much calmer January.

    1. Hi Susie,

      I blame the sink for starting it all! Yup, that is my theory!!! If the leak hadn't further added to my stress level I would have called Alex or told him what was going on when he asked. (Are you buying this? HA! Me either!) I blew it in several ways... Ugh. I am all about the calmer January. :0)

  3. So what you are saying here is you are big on rushing and being in a hurry? Even to the detriment to situations around you ? LOL! Sorry but not too long ago I got a spanking/lecture about that. Okay I didn't have the whole 'hat trick' thing that you did ( hockey term for those who are fortunate not to know), but same idea.
    " You are always in a hurry. Stop rushing around. It is not a big deal, you are going to get hurt"...etc..etc...etc... So question is aside from wooden paddles ( um basically all we have here) what are the two of us going to do to modify our rushy selves? Because from the outside looking in, that seems to be the root of both 'problems' in your last two posts. For me it isn't even always a case of not leaving enough time. So...? Any thoughts? LOL

    1. Hi Wilma,

      Oh my goodness "rush" and "stress" are so very common on my day to day lately... I never use to run late!! Like EVER... Now I can't seem to be on time to save my life. Ugh. I think mine is a time management issue crossed with a.. oh I can get one more thing done first and still make it. I either start out late or make myself late... Grrrrrr

      Alex is watching me like a hawk, so I am very careful to watch my time at the moment, so I have done better. I did get the raised eyebrow this morning on my way out the door, I was maybe just a tad quick in my exit. :0) But I doubled back and gave him a parting kiss and he seemed to think I was in the clear. Whew.

  4. I love reading your stories. Have you had time to bind them into a book
    for me yet? (just teasing) Did you make it to the party afterward and were
    you able to enjoy it? I hope so. Hope your paddle stays in the closet a very
    long time! Actually, we have one if you want it but if I send it to you I'll probably
    just be spanked everyday until you send it back... never mind!

    sara :)

    1. Hi Sara,

      No, we never made it to the party... :0( By the time we were done with our discussion, we were both really tired. We spent the rest of the night cuddled together and watching one of my favorite movies.. While Your Were Sleeping... So all and all the night ended well.

      Do not send any paddles this way!!! Like EVER!! LOL. I want the one we have to disappear or play too close to the fire... :0)

    2. Aww well at least you had good snuggle time.

      I won't send any paddles :)

  5. Oh goodness! I could totally picture this being me instead of you. Why does that crazy lady take over sometimes? And why doesn't she get paddled instead of me! Oh, wait, because she is me. Hmmph. Sorry to hear that things didn't go as planned, but I hope that after all was said and done that the two of you managed to have a nice night together. (((hugs)))

  6. Don't mention the curb hitting or driving up and down at speed or burst tyres with a broken alloy wheel or a huge garage bill! There's this one curb as you come out of the supermarket and turn left, now even my boys are starting to tell me off each time I hit it!
    Sorry you missed your party but sounds like you had some nice down time after.